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Education Evaluation - Private Career College Qualification


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Dec 23, 2017
Hello, Masters degree was evaluated as "Private College Qualification" but not mentioned exactly as "Diploma" or "Certificate"..We even have Engineering Bachelors degree..So what should we enter in education?
1. 2 or more degrees (one of them 3 yrs or more)..Considering Private career college as 2 yr Diploma
2. bachelors

Does the evaluation need to have Diploma/Certificate mentioned exactly or just private career college qualification can be treated as Diploma/Certificate.

Also, as per my discussion with few people outside this group, they mentioned Private Career Colleges in Canada offer Diplomas for 1 yr/2 yrs and Certificate Degrees for 6 months or 1 yr..so, they advised, that i can go with the option of 2 or more degrees (Bachelors/Diplomas/Certificates of which one of them 3 yrs).

Please help..We are in a very confused situation