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Education and Experience match for SINP in Demand

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by 06ank, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. I just want to ask if it is going to be accepted, if someone has a degree in Pharmacy, and experience in sales and management in the same field, and use NOC 0124, since the NOC for pharmacy is not in the list? Thanks for any reply.
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  3. Required education for these NOCs is as follows:-
    • A university degree or college diploma in business marketing, public relations, communications, journalism, museology or a discipline related to a particular subject matter is usually required.
    Not matching with your qualification. How can you apply for these?
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  4. Thats a bit strict because occupations can be varied. For example, someone with a business administration degree can work marketing but his degree does not state "business marketing".
  5. Dear experts,

    I am planning to apply for SINP OID
    GEOLOGICAL AND MINERAL TECHNOLOGISTS AND TECHNICIANS NOC 2212 as my university degree is major in drilling petroleum & geology. I have:

    • 4 years working in oil and gas service, upstream, dealing with oil well drilling
    • 1.5 year working in healthcare industry, a big career change
    I intent to use code 4165 for healthcare planner as primary NOC.

    Is it considered OK to apply for OID with NOC different than your current NOC? NOC code 2212 description is about 50-60% match with my previous job. Is it still OK ?
    Thank you in advance
  6. You can eligible for only 2212. Education, Job experience and intended NOC should match each other.
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  7. Thanks @ashuindian ,

    Just a bit more clarification, the NOC 2212 to apply for SINP OID is used solely for SINP web application or it has to be "Primary NOC" under EE profile ?
  8. This is in the SINP Occupation In High demand list. The list is applicable for both, OID and SINP EE sub categories, equally.
  9. Good Day All!
    Can u plz let me that i am indudtrial and production engineer having experience in technical operations,marketing,business development,ISO auditing as per present oid list which noc suits to my profile can some one plz help me in it..ashuindian plz guide me .i m intending for 1122 but m an engineer will tht noc b fine?
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    These NOCs are in the list :-
    Regulated - 2132, 2141
    Non-regulated - noc 0911, 2243
    Be careful, your intended NOC min. 70% duties must match with their expected duties.
  11. I have Bachelor degree in Computer science and engineering and I have MBA in Marketing.. i am working as marketing filed under and my job duties match with 1123... shall I apply under 1123 in sinp... because I heard if we have engineering and MBA in marketing then we can't apply under 1123.. please suggest me.
  12. You are eligible for that
  13. thanks..
  14. i am a pharmacy graduate (Bachelor of Pharmacy) and i have done MBA in marketing
    can you suggest me, which occupation on demand under SINP is suitable for me?

    kindly advice other better available options also..

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