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ECAS status changed to Application Received from In Process, FILE TRANSFERRED TO CALGARY VO

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ghotra68, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Yup got MR yesterday. Calgary visa office.
  2. Congrats buddy
  3. no update still waiting for mr.
  4. Same here
    Medical passed on may 16,2019
    AR june
    AOR august
    IP to AR somewhere in the begining of june
  5. Timeline please..Any dependents? What's your underlined status in ecas? Thanks.
  6. Does anyone know, why they transfer file to LVO??
  7. No idea

    Mine is send after medical done
  8. You already got medical request right?
  9. You must have updated something after you applied. Or else something they want to double check like for me it was for eligibility reason.
  10. Nothing yet.!!!
    My file is at LVO Calgary as well
    AR :March 18
    AOR :May 18
    MR : 6 July 19
    ADR : 9 july 19
    MR pass: 13 july 19

    Nothing after that

  11. Hope you will get your ppr soon
  12. May I know What kind of addition documents they requested
  13. Standard procedure
  14. yeah in may

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