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ECA for Job in Canada?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by BKJ, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Guys,

    I have have submitted my eAPR.

    Main concern is I have not done ECA for my spouse. Would it be mandatory for Job in Canada?

    I am not sure whether to get a WES certificate specially for Job. Do any companies ask for ECA Certificate?
  2. Since you have already submitted eAPR, it is not mandatory for your spouse to get a WES ECA done for employment purpose.
    An ECA can give you early feedback on how your credentials compare to those in Canada. It may also help when you are looking for a job. But, being assessed does not guarantee that:
    • you will get a job in your field or at a certain level,
    • your work experience and professional credentials are automatically recognized in Canada, or
    • you will be licensed to practice in a regulated profession.
    Please check Job Bank to learn more about the job market outlook for your Spouse's occupation in the specific region where you plan to settle.
    If he/she plans to work in a regulated profession, he/she must still get the licence in the province or territory that you are planning to settle in.
    A regulatory authority will decide if he/she can be licensed in a profession. They will assess factors such as education, experience/competencies and language skills, as well as other factors.
    You should contact the regulatory authority in the province where you plan to live as soon as possible. They can give you information about the process for being licensed, including steps you can take before you leave your home country.
    :- In my case, even if my spouse,who is PA, don't want to receive CRS points for my education, I need to have the ECA done and documents sent to the regulators for further evaluation to get a license to practice/work.
  3. Hi All,

    We have received our PPR. However, we just remembered that my spouse didn't do his ECA.

    Is it mandatory to complete ECA for getting a job in Canada? Please advice.

  4. Can anyone please advice on the above query?

  5. No, not at all. Only a few authorities ask for transcripts from the college if your profession is regulated in Canada. Other than this , no such requirement.
  6. Thanks!

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