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Sep 22, 2017
Hi everyone and thank you in advance.

I'm from Spain and I've been invited to apply for the PNP in BC. When I applied through the BCPNP online website and filled the online forms, I chose as education that I have Post-secondary Diploma/Certificate (trades), but I answered that this education wasn't taken in Canada and that I don't have an ECA. This was before being invited to apply (when you fill the application to get into the pool). Now I've been invited and I only have 20 days left to submit all my papers (I have pretty much everything from my employers, English test and so) but I don't have an ECA (as I originally addressed when I first submitted my information for the points).
I do have an official translation of my academic records and also an Associate Degree from the BCIT (it was only for 6 months). I uploaded all those documents in the section for it (attachments) since the BCIT course supports also my job offer and my duties (was a Graphic Designer one and I'm working in that field.).
I'm worry that because of the lack of ECA they are gonna reject my nomination, even tho I never lied about it in first place and said that I didn't have one, and I was looking for some advice.

Thank you so much.

Have a nice day.

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