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Driving Letter from Saudi Arabia

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by anjun, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. I need some advice..
    My husband has a license from Saudi Arabia for almost 3 years. If we decide to directly head to Canada from Saudi Arabia .. where can we get this letter of driving experience? I have researched many websites and Ministry of Interior however I cannot find out where to get it from. I know its from the Traffic/licensing department but no one answers the phone and/or doesnt know what I am talking about.

    Any help?
  2. Your husband needs to visit the driving license issuing office personally with his driving license and ask for ' TAQREER MUFADDAL' for it. The concerned person at the counter will instantly print and provide it free of cost. This document is in Arabic and should be translated to English or French for use in Canada.
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  3. Which office in Riyadh does this??

  4. Any driving license issuing office in Riyadh should do it.
  5. Dear Sajid3157,

    What does this "Taqreer Mufaddal" translate into English?
  6. It means "Detailed Report"
  7. There is no printed date of issue mentioned on it. Is it ok if they mention it by hand
  8. Hi Friends,

    Any one followed this procedure recently to obtain driving experience in Riyadh?

    Please share your experience.

    Thank You,
  9. Visit the "Dallah Driving Office" opposite King Abdulaziz Financial City on King Fahd road.
    Once u enter the building, visit the office on the right, go to the counter(3 i guess) and ask for 'Taqreer Mufaddal' and give ur license.

    He will print a letter for u.. take that to counter 1, get it signed and stamped and your done.

    PS: If you are from India, get the DL extract from India(Thats what i did). Its easier. You will have to pay money to translate ur Saudi license here in Canada.
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  10. Thanks

    Thanks friend. I will try this
  11. Do we need to stamp the letter from any authority?
  12. Hi guys, did anyone have any success with this? Particularly in Riyadh? Also, can anyone confirm if it worked for them once in Canada?
  13. We are in Bahrain and wr got our driving experience letter from the driving authority. We had to pay a fee.
    We were also told to have it stamped/attested by ministry of foreign affairs for it to be valid for use out of Bahrain. We had to pay a fee for this too.
    Foreign affairs asked us to also have it attested by the Canadian high comission in Bahrain - without this it was not rrady for use in Canada. We also had to pay for this.
  14. I did it only at the traffic authorities only didnt do the rest
  15. Hi, did you get it from the Traffic Directorate in A'ali?

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