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Driver's License in Ontario with Indian DL and letter from RTO

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by SunshineNam, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Nope no issues
  2. One more question .my driving license from india is CARD type not new chip type . Is it ok ?.will they accept it
  3. In ontario brampton
  4. They don care... they just need extract.. they wont take ur indian license...
  5. Thanks alot.
  6. Here is the response

    After landing apply for G1 written test and provide ur Indian driving licence copy to expedite G2
    And if you have RTO letter please give that to the drive test Center to apply for full G .. you will skip G2 and get full G

    The refund of 59 CAD for G2 will be refunded to you in a cheque
  7. Hi!

    Thank you for providing this link. I do have a DL extract, do I still need to get a letter from RTO or just providing my current license and DL extract is enough?

  8. if you have a DL extract then that is enough. Its just a simple printout with license details and sign and stamp of RTO.
  9. Update Everyone!

    I went to a registry in Calgary yesterday, and according to them, DL Extract or Abstract is not required. If you have over 2 years of driving experience, and issuance date is mentioned on your DL, you're eligible to give the Knowledge test. After you score 25/30 or higher on the knowledge test, you'll have to surrender your Indian DL. They will verify your driving history which could take upto 3 weeks. Once everything is verified, you'll have to appear for a road test and upon clearing that you'll have your Class 5 license. This is my experience in Calgary, Alberta. The process might differ between provinces.

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