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Driver's License in Ontario with Indian DL and letter from RTO

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by SunshineNam, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Hey friends,
    I know this topic has been discussed alot here, but many of these posts are old.
    So here's my situation- I have an Indian DL that has been issued in 2012. However I have never driven here (Indian roads!). I also have the letter of authentication issued by the RTO. However, I don't have an international DL, and I don't intend on getting one.
    I am moving to Ontario this month.
    Now what's the next step?
    Where do I apply for my Canadian DL and what are the tests I need to take?
    I wouldn't mind going to a driving school for some experience..
    Please do help me out.
  2. Go to driving school and ask the instructor.
  3. I would obviously do that after landing. Can anyone else provide helpful information?
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  4. Thanks for starting this thread. The following link may be useful to you in case you haven't come across it already.


    The RTO letter may not help you get the full drivers license right away but the credits may help you a reduced duration between G1 and G2.

    With respect to the letter of authentication - what were the documents, you were asked? I checked in two RTOs (one from where I received my license and another from where my wife received hers) and they have a different idea of the letter and a different set of document requirements.
  5. Thank you for your response. Yes, I understand that I wouldn't be able to have to full DL. I just wanted to know the steps involved in order to get one.
    The link you sent was very helpful.

    In my case, I couldn't go all the way to my local RTO (where my DL was issued), so I sent a copy of the following documents to my relative- my DL license, a letter of authentication that gave authority to him to apply on my behalf, and a sample letter just typed in Word (in case the RTO had no clue about how to write the letter).
    Thankfully, the RTO had done this many times before, and they got a letter printed in their own format and letterhead. They then sent it via speedpost to my local address. This was then sent to me to my current address.
    Each RTO works differently- since my local RTO was in a small town, they didn't create much hassles. But I guess people applying in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai may face a lot more hurdles and scrutiny.
  6. Thanks. Yes, I guess in major cities, they are quite finicky. In my case, they asked even for visa photocopy and a Canadian address. They even said, I need to submit a copy of the authentication letter to Indian Embassy in Canada (crazy!!). As long as both types of letters work, it should be fine.
  7. Both types means ??

    Can you pls paste a sample letter here
  8. Sorry, I don't have any sample letter.

    The two RTOs had different documents requirement. One just issued a letter when you submit 2 passport size photos and DL photocopy. However, at the other RTO, they asked passport copy, visa copy and Canadian address. I don't know how the two letters are different in terms of content.

    When I asked the Toronto consulate, they stated that I need to get the letter issued by concerned Licensing Authority in India attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (details procedure is available on the following link: http://www.mea.gov.in/apostille.htm) and get this countersigned by the Consulate. This is the proper official procedure.

    Ottawa consulate, on the other hand, just asked to get the letter from the concerned authority in India with no requirement to be countersigned by the Consulate.
  9. Hi guys,

    I am planning to move to Canada in November, can you please guide me through getting the reference letter from DL.
    which letter we should obtain and from where we get it?

    May be someone who recently travelled there and got the Ontario license can help?

    Any leads would be highly appreciated.

  10. Any reponse to this please?
  11. Hello all,

    I am currently in mississauga. I have uae driving lisense. Drive test centre asked me to bring letter of authentication lisense issueing authority.

    Can i get this letter from uae consulate in toronto? Anyone has done this?
  12. anyone have a copy of rto license particulars letter?
  13. Hi.... What is this letter of authentication? What did you do ? I am also having a UAE license

  14. ok.. I just got license for my wife.. who had 1 year from US and driving extract from India. She got G in ottawa..BUt yes she had DL from US
  15. One query here please help .
    I have driving license from india but on my driving license adress is of our old house and on passport my new house . I am coming to ontario . I am arranging for DL extract . Is it cause any problem .

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