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Driver's Handbook - Ontario in PDF file

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Appan, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Hi, Can I have one copy? You could send it to pekinna at hotmail dot com. Thank you very much and look forward to your reply.
  2. Hello,i,m also interested in having the driver's hanbook. pls send to amgail@yahoo.com
  3. Thanks,

    I am interested send to tina2009@googlemail.com.

  4. Hello!

    I am interested in having the Ontario Driver's Handbook. Please send for me to honeynbee2010 @ gmail.com


  5. i am interested too.... please send to ofalayi@ualberta.ca

  6. Hi,
    sent mail to all. pls refer below quot as well.


  7. Guys,

    Yesterday I downloaded from the below link. Please try yourself...

    The below link was posted by one of our forum member

  8. hi appan! pls send me a copy of the driver's handbook. i cant download it thru the websites posted on this thread.pls send it to me.i'l pm u my email add.thank you!
  9. Please send me a copy of Driver's Handbook - Ontario

    my email: karimretina@hotmail.com
  10. Hi,
    Can I get a pdf version of this handbook via email? This would most useful. My email address is jojo4047@hotmail.com
  11. Sent mail.

  12. Pls. if possible send it to my email address emaz.cslab@ru.ac.bd
  13. pls. give any of yahoo/hotmail/gmail email id. to send the PDF.

  14. HELLO

    can u please send me one copy of this book

    my email: april4376@yahoo.com

    thanks in advance and awaiting

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