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Driver License Program

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Balwinder, May 2, 2007.

  1. Immigrants to Canada, permanent or visitor face a huge problem with getting a new driver license. They carry regular license or International Permits (IP) issued in their country, under the impression they can drive in Canada or any other country. Hey, come-on this license is good for your country only and IP is good only for temporary purposes and NOT for good. Once you are in another country, you have to respect their rules, regulations and laws. I know there's a big problem,especially because of the language barrier. Relatives and friends do't have time for you. Getting a local license is just as hard as getting visa. New Driver Training Institute is being opened in Punjab, India. All instructors are professionally trained overseas and training will be imparted for respective country. You will be trained thoroughly and prepared. It will make your life much easier to get a license in your proposed country so easy! Need more info?? Balwinder
  2. Once you move to Canada, cant you get your driving licensed switched over to a Canadian one? Or do you need to repeat driving exam?
  3. Hi

    It depends on the province where you are and where your drivers license was issued whether it can be exchanged or whether you must take the full graduated test. Check out the province where you are destined.

  4. You have to take all knowledge (written or computer based) road tests if you came to Canada from any country. Only if you move within Canadian states that you can exchange your local license for a new state but no other license is exchangable.
  5. Sounds like more government red tape. It never changes!

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