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Draw 1 Express Entry - 2018

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Troy2245, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Hey guys, I am waiting with a score of 422 since Sep 2017. Do you think I would have a chance this year?! Please Advise.
  2. I would dare say that there have not been any draw since 1/4/18 because I have been sitting with 945 since that day without any ITA.
  3. Hello Friends,

    I have few questions while filling the Express Entry form, please reply the same. Thanks in advance.

    1. Express Entry details can be updated any times before and after submission of the form, including the personal details?

    2. Work History

    Primary applicant - I have a gap of about 1.5 years during the year of 2002-2003, do I need to add any thing in the EE form for this?

    Spouse - What should be added in the free period for spouse (house wife).

    3. Education

    I have done my ECA for graduation and masters degrees, I have entered the details in the online form, however, do I need to add details of other qualification i.e. for up to 12 th class?
  4. Its take max 24 hours for the profile to update
  5. Thanks for the reply

    What does"No program specified" mean under the results of express entry ?
  6. This means that the draw was not for a specific category or program. There can be draws for a specific program such as Federal Skilled Trades or Provincial Nominee Program.
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  7. Here are the answers for your questions considering that you got ITA
    1. Yes, as long as it doesn't impact your CRS score.
    2. Primary Applicant: I guess they would ask personal history of last 10 years. 2002-2003 is almost 15 years back so I don't think it is needed.
    Spouse: Please mention unemployed/student or whatever applicable.

    3. Actually, if you have post secondary (university education) you just have to add that. But for safer side you can add 10th and 12th as well. No harm.
  8. I received ITA today and it updated in my account.
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  9. Thanks dear
  10. When can we expect the next draw, and what score will it be this time? Any expectations?
  11. PLEASE, I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!
    I got my ITA January 10, 2018, however, I have not been able to start filling the form because some of the boxes are not showing and I cant fill in my details. Also, I keeping getting this error message if I try saving my details "appendGrid does not initialized". Any idea what this means or how it can be solved? Thanks

  12. Have you tried using a different browser and also clear your cache? I have not seen that error as I have filled out a few fields.
  13. i have done all that but the problem still persists

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