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Doubts on adding newborn to application after receiving COPR

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by MrSingh@1984, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I would appreciate if experts in this forum could provide suggestions or clarifications on my situation where I am trying to add my newborn to my application after receiving COPR and before landing:

    • I recieved COPR in April. I informed CIC about my wife's pregnancy after receiving COPR
    • I raised a CSE upon the birth of my child in the mid of July to add the newborn as a dependent on my application. I mentioned in the CSE that I am working on getting the birth certificate and passport of the child and asked them to let me know next steps required from my end
    • After few days, my application status in CIC portal changes to submitted from processing complete. The status now shows we are reviewing your eligibility
    • I haven't received any communication from CIC regarding what next steps I should be taking and it has been almost 23 days now and my COPR will expire in September end
    • I already have birth certificate of the child and hope to get passport in coming week or next and plan to share both of these with pics of the child with CIC through CSE
    Now, I have following doubts:
    • Since my COPR will expire in September, what should I do in case there is no update from CIC on the addition of he child by that time. Should I land before the COPR expiry or should I wait for them to respond even if my COPR expires
    • Any other suggestion on how I should proceed ahead.
    Appreciate all your suggestions.

  2. I think you should make plans to land by Sep end.

    It's likely that you'll hear back from them before you fly, but it's not a good idea to let your CoPR expire. Even if you fly for a day and land, and your wife lets her CoPR expire, you can always sponsor her and your baby later. The important thing is to finalize your status as a PR.

    I would do this

    1. Wait till Sep 5th. If you haven't heard from IRCC by then, buy a refundable (or low cancellation fee) ticket that will get you to Canada three days before CoPR expiry (leave a few days for buffer in case of flight cancellations etc).

    2. If you do not hear from IRCC before the flight date, then fly here and become a PR and return. If you do hear from them (this is the most likely case), then you can simply cancel your flight. Yes, it will cost you ~20,000 Rs., but that's better than losing the chance to be PR. Even if it's their mistake and they eventually give you a new CoPR, you'll have to go through all the hassle of arguing with them and hoping they agree. Better to spend the 20k as insurance.

    Keep in mind the most likely outcome is that they will contact your well before CoPR expiry and will give you further instructions. This is just the worst case scenario - and that only costs you 20K if you have to cancel, plus the hassle of flying here and back in case you don't cancel.

    Also wait to see what a few other people advise on this forum.
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  3. Thank you! I think it makes sense and I considered doing the same too.

    However, in this case I had the doubt of whether my COPR will be considered valid and whether I will be allowed to enter Canada as the application status of my Express Entry profile has changed from "application processed" to "we are processing your application" with step mentioned as "we are reviewing your eligibility".
  4. Actually, I think you're right. Your CoPR may already be invalid because it doesn't list the correct number of dependents.

    I assume you used the webform to raise a CSE? At this point I think you just have to wait. You have done everything the correct way, so IRCC is unlikely to penalize you for it. If you don't hear back from them by the 1st of Sep, try calling them (you may need to use Skype or some other VoIP service to call the Canadian number).
  5. Yes, I raised webform to raise the CSE. Apart from calling, I am thinking of also raising another CSE and mailing primary and local visa offices to see if they respond. Do you think visiting Canadian High Commission to inquire about the status will be useful?
  6. Nah, the consulate won't be able to help. You can try of course, they'll probably politely tell you to go away.

    Email/CSE is better.
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  7. DON'T LAND. You are legally required to declare your child and have him/her examined. If you land without doing that, you will be committing misrepresentation.

    The Sept expiry date is no longer relevant. Your app is open again and that COPR is no longer valid. IRCC will add the child and either request new medical from you or extend the previous medical.

    You need to wait for IRCC to contact you.
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  8. Thank you for your suggestions @21Goose and @canuck_in_uk !! Appreciate it!

    I guess I can only wait for IRCC to respond and can only raise another CSE or try to mail visa offices. Hope they respond sooner than later as all this has been really stressful!

    Keeping fingers crossed!
  9. No need to be stressed though. As @canuck_in_uk said, your application is open again, so it's not like there's a deadline you're running up against. Having a baby will not mean that you will lose your PR. It'll just be delayed by a few months.
  10. Thank you for encouraging words! I hope that is the case as I don't mind delay by few months. My only concern is that they haven't officially communicated anything and my COPR is about to expire. Due to this, there is some lack of clarity and I don't want to lose PR due to that.
  11. You won't. You have informed them of the child, so it's fine.
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  12. Hi @canuck_in_uk and @21Goose . Wanted to apprise you of update: I submitted the passport of my newborn through a CSE along with birth certificate and photos of his. Post this, I recieved a request letter from CIC to pay his fee, update forms, provide medical and submit passport and birth certificate in the document upload section of the CIC application portal.

    I believe COPRs issued earlier to me and my spouse will not be valid now and I don't need to worry about their expiry date. Is that right?

    Thank you for taking your time out to reply in advance!
  13. That is right. You will have to return the COPRs and they will be reissued after the child has been added.
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  14. Yes, you just wait for the new COPRs. Everything is proceeding normally.
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  15. Hi @canuck_in_uk and @21Goose ....i had a doubt regarding proof of funds requirements...i forgot to provide updated proof of funds while adding my newborn child..and the previously submitted proof of funds are not meeting the requirements, if we consider the exchange rate of the date when application was submitted...do you think this could cause rejection of my application and if yes, is there anything I can do now to rectify it?

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