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Doubts about Self-Employed under FSW


Apr 6, 2019
Hello everyone,
I'm gathering all my supporting documents to apply to the express entry under the FSW program. My situation is as follows.

I was a self-employed worker with my company in my home country before coming to Canada and I have at least 5 years of experience under this period. I know that following specific instructions I can use that period of foreign experience to obtain points under foreign experience.

My work was performed only to a single company, which means I'll just need a reference letter and some supporting documents like invoices sent to that customer and articles of incorporation, for example.

My first question is if all the documents need to be certified/notarized translations or could be just simple translations. They are too many papers...

My second question is if I provided just a letter from my customer (employer) saying I worked for him for X years and included all the details about my payment, work hours and activities, would it be enough? Since even though I had my company I had been worked for the same customer/company for years... It was a kind of work relationship I think.

Thank you.