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Does my Canadian work permit become invalid if I leave the country for a while?


Feb 23, 2013

I have a Canadian work permit that is valid until January 2015. Over the next few months my company is planning to temporarily transfer me to the United States and is in the process of securing a US work visa for me. However, this assignment will definitely end prior to January 2015.

Will my Canadian work permit remain valid during the period I am out of the country? Can I simply return at the end of my US assignment and continue working in Canada as normal until the expiry of my work permit in January 2015? Or is there a catch whereby if I am out of the country for [90] days my Canadian work permit becomes invalid?

Much appreciated.


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Dec 5, 2012
You will need to provide a document from your employer proving that you are returning to the position/location/company stated on your work permit when you return to Canada and letter that you have been sent to US for the Canadian company's business. you still have to meet other requirements as usual for entry.