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Does Foreign work experience of less than a year in a company counts for 67 eligibility points.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by LakshmiNarayanaLakshmin, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Hey, I have a total foreign work experience of 6 years in IT and I wish to claim 15 eligibility points for Federal Skilled Worker Program for having foreign work experience of 6 or more years. But I have 6 months experience in my current organization. Though in overall I have 6 years of experience, does 6 months of experience does really counts or I have to complete 1 full year in Company B?
    Company A- 5 years 6 months
    Company B- 6 months-Present
  2. Yes it will be counted. Your overall is experience is 6 years. U will receive maxumium points under EE and for FSW
  3. Thank you! But I read in sites that one should posses a minimum of 1 year experience in a company. Then will the 6 months counted.
  4. Listen dear

    U have to have a minimum of 1 continuos year after that u can submit ur experience in parts as well for both EE and fsw.

    For example

    U work in NOC xxxx in company A for 1 year in last ten years. This makes u eligible

    Additional years can be gained like this as well
    NOC xyzc in company B 6 months
    NOC yyyy in company C 4 months
    NOC ancd in company D 2 months

    That will make total of 2 years of work experience.

    I had 2 years 7 months in company A under NOC 4012

    10 months in company B under NOC 8232z

    This gives me points for 3 years under FSW and EE
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  5. Thanks a lot! I understood!
  7. Hello

    I need help with calculating my work experience for express entry. Please find details below

    Admin Assistant-Jan 2019- present
    Personal Banking associate- Aug 2016- Aug 2017
    Admin Assistant- July 2015- Aug 2016
    *Different NOC

    I plan on claiming 2 years work experience and choosing my primary NOC as Admin Assistant as that is what I am most interested in.

    Please help me know if this is enough to qualify under foreign work experience for express entry (FSW Program)
  8. U can select either NOC. But people usually select in which they have more experience.

    Points aren’t obtained based on primary noc experience but based on skill work experience. You need to have 1 continuous year of experience to qualify. This work experience will not only pay qualify u but also give u points under FSW and EE. Now u have already qualified and if u have more experience in different NOC then your toatal is xperince will be counted and based on that u will receive points
  9. Yes u not only have wualifying experience but also can claim points for 2 years under FSW. Under EE 1 and 2 years experience give u same points
  10. Hi Jaffaral, thanks for your explanation. I'm confused between selection factor points of minimum 67 and CRS.
    Many People say only one primary Noc experience is counted for selection factor points. In my case I have two Noc.

    Let's us take,
    Noc 123 company A- 2 years
    Noc 345 company A-2 years 6 months
    Noc 345 Company B- 1 year
    Noc 345 company C- 6 months
    Overall experience is 6 years, so in selection factor can I claim 15 points for 6 years of experience (including Noc 123+345) or only 13 points for 4-5 years experience( including only Noc 345). Please advise.
  11. i have a question concerning work experience, so they calculate 1 year of working experience based on working for 30 hours week which results in a total of 1560 hours per year & 3120 hours for two years , but what if i work for 40 hours a week which results for 2080 hours a year therefore 1 year & a half of my experience counts for 3120 hours so can this be counted as 2 years experience on EE ??
  12. No any work done above 30 hrs per week is not counted. To make it one year u need to have 1560 hrs thru this formula 52 weeks x 30 hrs/week = 1560 hrs
    For two years 104 weeks x 30 hrs/week = 3120 hrs.
  13. And after all you have to get ALL reference letters for these?
  14. Yes if u r clamming points for those experiences

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