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Do you have a family member who is a Canadian permanent resident

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by quickyfinger, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. I am applying for Visitor Visa under 6 month to Canada. My son’s Canadian PR application was just approved and IRCC sent him a request for passport. He is over 25 years old and quit his previous job recently after 2-year working. He plans to land in early 2019. I plan to accompany him for tourism purpose.

    I wonder what should be the exact answer to the following questions:
    1. Do you have a family member who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and is 18 years or older?
    2. Are you accompanying a family member that has status in Canada, or has recently been approved to come to Canada?
    The way the website defines “family member” is a bit befuddling. My main concern is whether my son qualifies as "dependent children" since he is supporting himself financially now with the savings from his previous position.

    Also should I wait for my son's stamped passport to arrive before applying for visitor visa or it doesn't matter?

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  2. You must answer 'No'.

    Until your son completes immigration formalities as a landed PR, he is not a PR yet.

    You must answer 'Yes'. He has recently been approved.

    He is not your dependent in any way.

    To avoid the risk of you being refused a visitor visa/TRV:
    1. You would want to wait for some months.... apply after your son has landed as a PR..... after he has settled in, found a job, etc. Otherwise it would seem like you are moving long-term with him.

    2. You would not apply for a stay of more than just a couple of weeks. A 6-months' stay indicates the potential to overstay/no reasons to return to the home country
  3. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, Bryanna!

    One thing to add, I have a 10-year US visitor visa, and I have travelled to US previously to attend my son's graduation and returned on time. I also have a travel history of being to Australia, NZ, and Schengen countries. Would that increase the chance of obtaining a Canadian visitor visa?
    Plus I only plan to stay in Canada for a few weeks, not 6 months. The web prompt (How long are you planning to stay in Canada question) only has three options:
    1. Temporarily -- Less than 6 months
    2. Temporarily -- More than 6 months
    3. Permanently
    I would have manually entered "1 month" had it had that option (US visa application had that option..)
  4. You may want to check if the passport you hold makes you eligible for CAN+ processing.

    Your previous travel will certainly help. That said, travel history is only one part for a visa assessment. It could still seem like you're accompanying your son for a long-term stay.

    What other ties can you demonstrate to your country of residence: Employment? Property ownership or a lease? Good financial situation? Dependent family members? Any compelling reasons to return after your intended visit?

    Temporarily -- Less than 6 months is the right selection.

    A few weeks sounds like an open-ended plan. How many days to be exact?
  5. Been under the weather these past few days. Apology for the belated reply, Bryanna.

    Seems that you have given this some thought. I am currently retired and divorced, however, I do own a few real properties here in my country with great financial standing. No dependent family members. My mom is living in the same city as I do and needs me to take care of her. I will hire someone to watch over her while I am gone in the meantime.

    My son and I plan to travel to Canada from mid February till the end of March next year (we are flying to the U.S first to pick up his personal belongings). Afterwards I will be back to my home country. Would any of these raise a flag in the eyes of the visa officers?

    Additionally, on form IMM 5707E Family Information in the visa application, in terms of "Marital Status", I put "Widowed" for my mom since my father passed away years ago. But please advise what I should put for my father. For now I left it blank.

    Much appreciated!
  6. Will do.
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  7. IMO, it could still seem like you're moving long-term with him. My reasoning:
    1. Your mom is not technically a dependent as she lives independently.

    2. Your son has not landed as PR/not settled in.

    3. You don't have any active ties to return to your home country.

    4. You don't have a definite visit plan. It is open ended (or can become open ended because of #3)

    Are you the son who is responding to this post or your mom who is the applicant?
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  8. I see. I do understand your train of logic. One thing I am a bit confused about: wouldn't my properties be active ties to return to my home country though?

    Also I have been (my son's mother) responding to your post. I was referring to my mom (my son's grandma) as I was filling out the form. My father (my son's grandpa) passed away years ago.
  9. After reading a few of your answers to other people's posts, I would like to clarify that I own properties and financial investments worth > 1MM CAD, would this be considered strong ties despite my current retirement situation and marital status?
    However, the online application did not ask me to upload any of those documents as I have a 10-year US visitor visa. Should I upload them as part of Letter of Explanation to strengthen my case?
  10. Hi guys I’m a permanent residence in Canada and my wife is in Morocco. I have applied for her permanent residence and her application is in process in VO MOrocco. They have already requested supporting documents. I’m planning to apply for a visitor visa for her since the application may take more thank 5 months. Any luck for being accepted. And also, what is the best way to apply
    Thank you guys for your help
  11. Properties are not active ties per se.

    Are these properties rented? If yes, when do you have to renew the lease?

    Your mom = Widow

    Your dad = Deceased
  12. even if i wrote a letter taking full responsibilty for her if anything happened. Also, her PR almost done and everything is legitimate
  13. You can certainly try especially if her PR is in the final stages. She would still need to demonstrate ties to Morocco + reasonable finances.

    If she's lucky, she could be issued a TRV with a 1 year validity
  16. Please turn off CapsLock

    No, it is not enough. She needs to prove she has other ties to Morocco (although her visit will be Dual Intent i.e. to wait it out until she gets her PR)
  17. Those properties are not currently rented out.

    Got it, thank you, Bryanna!
  18. Thank for all you help
    Are you from Morocco
    I’m wondering how long will take after si
    Supporting documents to call her for pr
  19. I live in Calgary

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