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Do I need to leave Canada to reinstate my visitor visa status for 06

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by captjack72, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. hi ,
    I entered Canada on 23 Feb on visitor visa status, without any stamp ,so that qualifies me for 06 months, till 22 Aug 18 .mean while ,i went to USA on 28 Jul 18 for 08 hours and re-entered Canada by road on same day again without any stamp on my passport .so does that qualify me for another 06 months or do i have leave Canada again for a fresh entry.i have no intention to stay illegal ,but i am planning to apply for a student visa in a week. My question is Do i still need to leave Canada to reinstate my visitor status and then apply for student , plz advice as i have very few days i do have a 05 year multiple visit visa
  2. If your passport wasn't stamped, then you were allowed back into Canada based on your original visit. So you have valid status in Canada until August 22nd. When are you planning on starting school? August 22nd is too late to apply for a study permit for September. Also, given how long you've been in Canada as a visitor, you are at risk for having the study permit refused for lack of ties to your home country. You would be far better off returning home and applying from there.
  4. Hi ,Thnks for ur reply
    I am already admitted to school for this sept 18 for 03 year diploma course in marketing and media in Toronto. The reason for applying late is due to late admission letter given by college. Here is true facts I was admitted last Jan by Humber college but first time my student visa and denied and next time my I applied my course already started due to late reply from embassy so I withdrew my application and I flew down to Toronto as they told me tht I can be admitted for summer 18 semester . In spite of spending money to stay in Toronto , the college never gave me admission letter for summer18 . Finally I asked for a refund from college and applied to another college and tht whole process took me so much time to get me admission letter again. My father works for airline in midddle east and does not have much problems for finances for my studies now I have admission letter for second college and I am planning to apply for student visa by next week meanwhile I don’t want my visa status to be illegal , so would u be kind enough to guide or advice I can fly to USA and be back in Canada in 02 days Or if I apply for student visa from Canada would I be legal to stay here until I receive my student visa or should I reinstate my visit visa so to be legal when I apply for student visa
    Thnks in advance,

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