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do I need to declare tax For 2 months work in canada

Discussion in 'Canadian Finance and Taxation' started by S Kamboj, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone..
    I have a similar question related to this forum please help me guys.
    I m a PR holder of canada since March 2019 Also have been working there for three months till may 19.
    Now I left out my job and came to India for 6 months minimum for my marriage purpose however will b going back to Canada coming year after marriage..
    I have received a letter in my Canadian registered address regarding permanent residence declaration status for tax residence.
    Please help me knowing what should I do. 1)Am I a tax holder of Canada for three months job. Because (I have received salary chqs after tax deductions)
    2)do I need to declare tax.
    3)am I a tax resident of Canada or a tax resident jurisdiction other than canada.
    3)if yes I need to pay tax in india as well for my Indian accounts?
  2. You are likely not a tax resident but I don’t know what kind of bank account, investments, property, etc. You should contact CRA to verify.

    If you were in Canada for 3 months and left you didn’t meet the residency requirement to receive healthcare and could be asked to pay back any services you used. You will likely have to reapply for healthcare once you return even with a valid health card because you didn’t meet the residency obligation. If going away for over 6 months you should inform the provincial health authority so they put a hold on your health card number and nobody can use it fraudulently.
  3. Please provide me the best possible way to contact CRA.
  4. Since you have Canadian source income, you are required to file a tax return with CRA. According to Canadian case law, a person must be a tax resident somewhere. If you are no longer a tax resident of your home country, then you must be a tax resident of Canada. In addition, if you have significant ties in Canada, CRA will consider you a tax resident.

    If you don't have significant incomes from your Indian accounts, you may actually pay less tax if you keep your Canadian tax residency.

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