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DL Extract

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by rpk_sngh, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Hi

    I have a query about the DL extract that we need to get the Canadian DL. I got my license issued from Haryana, but later on I moved to Delhi. Can I get the extract issued from RTO in Delhi or do I need to approach the original issuing authority?
    P.S. I have misplaced my address proof for Haryana residence. I do have the Aadhar card for current Delhi address.
    Can we get the extract online if possible?
  2. The driving licences issues recently are updated in an online database. You can check the same in a govt website called https://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice12/stateSelection.do . There is an option to apply for DL extract. Note that this will work only if your license was updated in the central database which is unlikely if you had got your DL many years back
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  3. My details are present on this portal, but I am not sure of which RTO to visit.

    If we talk about this portal, i need to select the state to taketl the service from. Should i enter Delhi or Haryana.

  4. I believe you should select the same RTO which issued your licence
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  5. Thanks for the link. I was able to apply easily
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  6. I also have my driving license. I request you to kindly give me information that how may I get the driving license extract from the Karnal RTO. I
  7. Hi all, we are planning to land in June. How latest should be DL extract? Is there a timeline for it?
  8. The extract should be less than 6 months old if you want the complete experience to get counted. Otherwise, they will give you a credit of only 1 year.
  9. Hey, did you get your DL extract? and if yes from which RTO? Haryana or Delhi. I am in a similar situation. My license is from Bangalore but I am now based in Delhi. Your answer will be very helpful in figuring out how and where I should apply.
  10. You will have to get it from the RTO which issued the license which seems to be Bangalore in your case. Some RTOs allow you to apply and pay fees online. You might have to go in person to collect it or even authorize somebody to do that for you. For details please contact the RTO or lookup on their website
  11. You have two option:
    1. Get the extract from the place from where you have the DL. In this case, they will also verify the address that you have on the license.
    2. Transfer your license to Delhi. And once it is done, apply for the extract.
  12. Thanks!
  13. did you get the dl extract?
  14. Hi,

    Did anyone got their DL extract approved in Canada for issue of DL.

  15. Hi

    I recently moved to Ontario (landed in Regina a month back and now moved to Ontario) I am applying for a licence for first time in Canada in Ontario Province.

    Does DL extract also give information of the address. For some reason my DL that i have in my hand is updated with my recent address (cos i applied for a licence again since i lost my earlier one, with my updated address), however when i visit the parivahan portal it reflects the address from 10 years back.

    This may be an issue when i submit the DL extract at Ontario cos the address on my Licence will not match the address in DL extract. Please let me know if address is reflected on DL extract, and if the answer is YES, does Ontario reject my extract since address is different. Appreciate any suggestions/help in this regards.

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