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Distance between School and Home ?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by qureishi, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Yeah, but he said 2017 !
  2. Because there was no VAT until 31 Dec 2017...
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    She's talking about lavish life. You can have a mediocre life even if those are provided by employer and no taxes. Furthermore, not all positions in ME have those benefits.
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  4. Any idea about one room condo rent prices in toronto?
  5. Wow so living in toronto is much more higher than dubai!!!!
  6. You can refer to these sites to get some ideas... price will vary depending on the area... these sites can help you gain some idea around...


    One more thing... without credit history or a guarantor, getting a place to rent will be a tough one... so be prepared if landlords say No.
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  7. Actually the reverse.

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