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Distance between School and Home ?


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Nov 11, 2008
Job Offer........
No taxes, jobs often come with living expenses and a trip home a year, higher salaries, gas for your car is ridiculously cheap, school fees might be paid by employer, etc. There are often a lot of extras included with your salary that is not taxed. Salaries are also higher. All reasons that the expat life in the ME can be pretty nice.
She's talking about lavish life. You can have a mediocre life even if those are provided by employer and no taxes. Furthermore, not all positions in ME have those benefits.
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Mar 28, 2016
In Mississauga - two BR Town House is 1900 - 2000 CAD excluding utilities , two BR Condo ~ 1900 CAD including utilities

For Milton subtract 200 CAD for each option mentioned above. I am not looking basement as I have two small children.
Any idea about one room condo rent prices in toronto?


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Apr 15, 2018
Any idea about one room condo rent prices in toronto?
You can refer to these sites to get some ideas... price will vary depending on the area... these sites can help you gain some idea around...


One more thing... without credit history or a guarantor, getting a place to rent will be a tough one... so be prepared if landlords say No.
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