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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Jass@6600, May 17, 2018.

  1. Visa application,tracking id no your processed passport has been dispatched from the canada visa office chandigarh on 15/05/2018 to the canada visa application centre and is ready for collection.To know more please call vac helpline number or visit vac website.Iam so much worried
  2. When did you apply?
  3. You'll know tomorrow. Have you tried linking your paper application to your online account to know the final decision?

    Hope you get your TRV :)
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  4. On 12-04-2018 with paper process at Chandigarh office
  5. I can’t recieve my passport yet how much time I wait more to get passport receive.
  6. Did you pay an extra fee to have the passport couriered to your residence? If you did not then you'll need to collect it from the VAC/VFS
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  7. Today New status update Visa application tracking id no passport has been collected from the canada visa application centre on 18/05/2018.
  8. Then passport must have picked by your authorised agent
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