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Discrimination at workplace and voluntary resignation- Any advice?

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by OzTraveller, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Dear all,

    I have found myself in a tough spot regarding my status in canada.Here's a summary

    I applied for PR 18 months ago.
    Landed on a closed work permit about a year ago
    Started working and was bullied repeatedly at work by my managers and coworkers.
    Started to develop anxiety disorder to a point I could no longer work
    Resigned and submitted a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission
    Applied for an open work permit, even though I'm not sure if I was even eligible
    Emailed CPC Ottawa, lightly complaining about the PR processing time, requesting for advice on

    So here's the thing, I do not want to go on EI, or receive any other worker compensation. I want to be able to find a new job and start fresh.

    Anyone knows what I can do to expedite a work permit application on humanitarian grounds?

    Anyone experienced something similar?

    Any advice, and I mean ANY advice, is highly appreciated.

  2. you should not have resigned
  3. Well, easy to say without walking in my shoes I guess...

    Anyway, I obviously cannot turn back the time, so I was hoping for advice about the future not about the past...
  4. There's no expediting a work permit based on H&C grounds.

    Have you applied for a BOWP? What stage is your PR application?
  5. Firstly, thanks for your reply Scylla.

    I have applied for an open work permit. Then in the supporting document part I explained my circumstances hoping to get a positive response.

    As for my PP, all I know is that my application has been in the background check stage for more than one year. There's no expediting that process either I guess, right?

    I was thinking about talking to a MP about all this, but I'm not sure if that could help...
  6. There's no expedited processing for PR applications. Additionally, your MP cannot help. MPs cannot influence the speed of PR applications. The only thing your MP can do is inquire about the status of your application.

    Hopefully they will approved your BOWP under normal processing timelines based on the supporting documents you have submitted. I think the chances are probably high they will. I don't think there's anything you can do other than wait unfortunately.
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  7. Much appreciated!

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