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Disabled children and canadian immigration

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by reminiscing mom, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Would just like to add that after we send our medicals, we have been asked to go for further medicals for my child. We had to send a detailed pyscological analysis for my child ( cost me about US$ 2000); they have recived it on the 10th june and since then I am also waiting. Let us see which way things go and again, my love and best wishes to Gabriel.
  2. May I know how did this action go? Ive been thinking of filing my PR visa application under skilled worker, however just like you my eldest son has a mild cerebral palsy. His chronological is age is 13, but according to school performance his mental age is between 9-10 years old. He goes to a christian school with SPED class before, but 3 years after he was promoted to mixed with the regular class, their form of education is "pace work" they use an american curriculum, and their promotion is based on the level of paces they finished independently... his mobility is fine, he can walk, his speech is comprehensible, and he is fine with the normal self help skills like eating independently, bathing, dressing up, etc. Under cerebral palsy category, doctors assessed him to be under spastic diplegia where there is impairment on his feet, actually its the right foot that is spastic. I can write as much as I want to prove how mild his care is but I could not also discount the fact that immigration officers might have a general assumption that CP is CP regardless of severity. I hope they can really qualify the condition of each case. My son's physical therapy are all for strengthening his feet and which actually can be administered at home. they are simple exercises... although we bring him to the center at least once a week even if its not really required. I hope you would let us know how did your application go. More power to you and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience on this. God bless.

    By the way Im from Philippines and a graduate of Psychology. I understood well why I was lead to this course until my son was born:)
  3. Good day,
    How are you progressing with your PR application. Any word from the CIC yet regarding your response to the fairness letter they sent you? We keep praying for you and for ourselves 'cos we have a daughter with CP as well and we are waiting for a decision too after our medicals which we did in May this year.

    Please lets hear from you how things are progressing and also what method you used for your response. Did you use a lawyer or did it yourself?

  4. hi! i'm also a mom of a kid with disability, 17 yrs old male. his condition was diagnosed as global developmental delay by his neurologist. now diagnosed with cp by the dmp. we have had our medicals @ timbol last jan 5, 2010. results were sent to embassy feb 5 & 12 respectively. had many referrals for my son, last report from developmental pedia last may 2010. got inadmissibility letter from embassy july 13, replied to embassy aug 23, 2010. up to now, we haven't heard a word from the embassy. our application was submitted to mpnp october 2007. check online application status says our application was on process oct 14, 2009. received approval from manitoba last aug 2009. i'm wondering what will be the decision for our case. anyone who had a good result? we are nervous for the negative response, we have spent a lot & don't want to waste it.
    we have waited 3 long years & we are all looking forward to a better future especially for my daughter.
    hope you can share with me how your application was going.
  5. Hi rem... mom,
    Complements of the season and how is your family? How did it go with cic? Any response as of yet? May the good lors be with you and your lovely child. Amen.
  6. happy new year to all...
    i have been waiting for any result from fellow parents who has the same problem as mine with regards to inadmissibility issue.
    i really hope that they can somehow let us know how the application status was going on... our medical will expire tomorrow jan 5, 2011. no word from the embassy yet after submission of reply for the fairness letter last aug 23, 2010...
    hoping to hear from parents about the outcome of their applications...
  7. hello, everyone...
    advance happy valentine's day to all...

    in my case, i am a live-in caregiver, with my application to be submitted within Feb 4 to 7. My youngest son has a severe cp prognosis. I had lots of worries until i found this thread. I referred my situation from the office of Mr Nathan Cullen and Mr Robin Austin, and a legal secretary told me what to do. Make a letter of appeal, standing on the fact that I will be in charge of my son's costs when he gets here, and attach a copy of the prognosis itself.

    i was afraid to read about this scenario, and the worst thing to happen is that my son won't be approved to be a Permanent Residence here in Canada.

    but then, I made a letter with the following content:

    As I walk through my status as a Live-in Caregiver, I was able to hear a lot of hearsays encouraging and discouraging me of my application for Permanent Residency. Some would say I need Immigration Lawyers to help me out with my application because of my youngest son’s condition.

    I hereby present myself, as an applicant for an Open Work Permit, as well as my family, as applicants for Permanent Residency.

    I am also attaching my son’s Prognosis from his doctor in the Philippines.

    On account of my youngest son’s condition, Joshua, I hereby present this letter of appeal to allow him come to this country, whereby I promise to support him with his basic and medical needs and education. I will volunteer in Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta. I plead that he would be allowed to come to experience a better life here in Canada, and we will take him back home if he could not stand the cold weather. We, as a family, will establish a schedule of taking care of him.

    I will educate myself to be a Special Needs Educator and study Speech Therapy at the most. I will find certain ways to fund my son’s preschool costs and other therapy and developmental costs. Coordinate with different non-government organization and private organizations for further support of his needs.

    Should this plead not be granted, I would like to appeal for a Temporary Resident Visa for Joshua so he could come here in Canada once in a while to be with us even for a short time. It is because I wanted him to feel how good life is in Canada compared to where we come from.

    Can I ask you, guys to please comment on the content of my letter? Check the construction of my sentences, the idea i put within each paragraph, my vocabulary and other things that you could add into...

    Thanks and may the good Lord bless us all....
  8. Hello,
    Please answer - what are your results, is Canadian embassy approved your visa? We also have a child with a hemiparesis, and we were going to submit to an professional immigration to Quebec.
  9. Hello,

    is there anybody who managed to immigrate in Canada with a disabled child? Is it possible?

    Thank you
  10. Yes, there have been people who have managed but you need to either prove that your child is not so disabled that it will cause a burden on Canadian health and social services or the other option is that you set up a fund that will take care of your child's needs. Option 1, you may need a lot of specialist reports and option 2, you may need a lot of money.
  11. Thank you for your fast answer.
  12. Hi,
    my name is salem, I have similar issue as you. My daughter has both physical and mental disability. She is on wheelchair and sh cannot stand or talk. We have 5 years in Canada on study permit. I have applied for PR in 2010. Now, Ottawa asked me to do medical furtherance for my dauaghter. They asked for cogatitive assessment and school report.
    Please let me know your file statues and your recommendaion
    Apprecaite you
  13. hi
    what about mild CP case only lower legs
    i am a doctor by profession
  14. It doesn't matter which disability or illness. Canada immigration will look at the future prognosis on what your or your childs disability or illness could cost Canada health care in the future. If they deem you too expensive, then you are denied.

    Therefore, a disability or illness which requires expensive surgeries in the future or expensive medication or say special schooling for many years and support for a disabled child, you could be refused.

    On the other hand, if you have a limp or walk on crutches but otherwise do not need medication or other special care nor surgeries, you will likely be approved.
  15. Hi i just want to check regarding the status of your application now. Any updates

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