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Dilemma to Apply/Wait

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by enigmatic99, May 16, 2018.

  1. Hello Guys,

    I am planning to apply for PR immediately after graduation. I know I will be on safe zone if I apply after working for 1 year here in Canada but I want to get PR early (if that is possible). I am almost to the end of my academic journey here in Canada (completed 2 years masters degree in physical therapy). I worked as a college instructor after completion of my bachelors degree in public health back in India. I have work experience 20 months (42 hours a week) as a college instructor in India.

    My academic degree here in Canada is not exactly same as my undergrad degree and also the subject that I used to teach student back home. So I was wondering if I can apply for PR with this situation.

    As currently, I am a Student here in Canada (will be graduated this September). By saying that I don't have Canadian work experience at this point of time.

    My question is should I wait until next year as by that time I can have 1 year of work experience here in Canada as Physiotherapist or I can apply immediately after graduation based on my previous work experience as college instructor (NOC 4021) ? but I am not sure if I can add Canadian education although that is different than my previous work experience?

    My profile :
    Age: 29, single
    Education: 1 masters degree in India + 1 masters degree in Canada
    Work Experience: 20 months (42hours/week) as college instructor in India, no work experience in Canada
    IELTS: R:8, L:8 , W:7, S:7
    Have brother in Canada with PR status
  2. Can your brother sponsor you?
  3. is that possible ?
  4. Yes, my friend sponsored his brother several years ago. I am not sure if that program is still available though, check CIC website.

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