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Dependent children - Quebec investor

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by hx7697, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone.
    When we applied for Quebec investor, kid was under 18. Now he is over 22, can he work? or just stay at home? or he has to find a school to keep studying?

    Thank you very much for all your replies!!
  2. Now we are waiting for the medical request.
  3. I was worried about same because i saw a thread here where a guy was refused as dependent and his family got visa.

    In your case
    He is locked as Dependent A however this case is costly and very long in processing so i will advice not to take risk as its matter or PR ( Personal exp advice) he should show himself as full time studying under govt approved or recognize education center.

    In my case i was locked as A but they ask me to submit current study documents many times. My elder sis was dependent B - she got married but i guess if dependent B keep studying full time he/she will be consider as Dependent .

    I wasnt call for the Interview but my Sister Father Mother were . They didnt ask any question to her but her study documents were also needed.

    Best of Luck
  4. Thanks for your reply. Yeah, i think the baseline is he cannot get married, and can't work( If he can work, then he's no longer dependent right?), and better stick with being a student. May I ask which stage of the immigration process are you currently in?
  5. Bag packing stage :p
    Completed the case this year in Feb going to land on 31 may
    I keep my status Single and Student , to be honest at the land step they ask for the property papers some incometax returns smthing i guess they didnt ask for the study no more but i never took risk
    Honestly i missed 1 year after Btech and i took admission as 2nd year student to complete the gap . So i jus prefer that keep him student
    and guess wat ?? Study always pay off man , There is always profit of education dsnt matter in which country you are doing :)

  6. Very Very True!

  7. Thank you. So the gap between studies is okay, as long as you're still going to take another program? But absolute no working nor getting married?
  8. I have 3 dependents. They only asked specific documentations for the eldest one, even though only youngest one qualified for Dependent Type A. So, yes. I made sure my dependents stayed on course with their education.
  9. Hi xpress,
    I am having a question about dependant child my son took one year gap from study for trying to get student visa for USA and Canada. He is completing 17th on 15th august 2016. He will continue to study from 2016 July after new admission open. Will he count dependant type A. Please advise
  10. If you applied the immigration before Aug 2014, and at that time, he was under 22, unmarried, then he is considered as type A. His age is locked when you applied for immigration.
  11. May i know the age of your eldest one ?
  12. HELLO Everyone, I have applied through Quebec investor program. I wanted to know that my three children are above age 22 but they are unmarried and is financially dependent on me So my question is that can they move along with me?
  13. Hi

    1. No they are over 22 so no longer dependents, they have to have been financially supported by you before the age of 22 and physically or mentally infirm
  14. When I filed my application, dependent was 22 years old

    When they approved my application, my eldest dependent was 29 years old.

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