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Dependent child

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Sidon, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. whats next after medical and biometrics ?
  2. For how long?
  3. i have question about child sponsership . i am canadian citizen ,i got married 2005 with canadian women and 2010 i went back home where i met a girl pakistan and i nakah with her 2010, but i was still married in canada.after 1 year 2011 i find out i had child from her.now last year she hand over me child and i am legal gardian of child.my question is i want sponser my child what i mention in application about child plzz help me how its gona work
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    They are already citizens so they just need proof of citizenship, see: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizenship/proof-how.asp
    Amend, if the child born after you get your citizenship they are Canadian, if not u have to sponsor the child for pr.
  5. When did you get citizenship and when was the child born?
  6. hank you for reply.i got citizenship feb 2011 and child born oct 2012
  7. So in that case yes you can file for citizenship for the child. Anticipate that a DNA test will be required because you were married to your Canadian wife when the child was conceived. As previously mentioned your 2nd marriage would not be valid in Canada.
  8. thank you very much for reply
  9. hi good day . i have a question. i have dependent child from my previous relationship, i declared her but non-accompanying because she need to finished her study,, do i need to submit IMM 5604 DECLARATION FROM NON-ACCOMPANYING PARENT/GUARDIAN FOR MINORS IMMIGRATION TO CANADA????
  10. No, as she is not immigrating.
  11. It's just a letter that let's you know of the services available to you once you arrive to Canada if your application is approved. Receiving this letter is not an indicator that your application will be approved, however.

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