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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Dr.Hasib, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Hello sandy001... Congratulations on your PR Visa. This is the time you will be very busy preparing for your migration to Canada, tho' this is quite delayed. Most of the applicants who are still waiting for their Visas, as early as their passport has been requested they got themselves ready for everything. Now, where are you from?? My suggestion would depend on where do you intend to exit and when do you plan to leave??

    Here are some threads that somehow would help you start with.
    CATHAY PACIFIC http://www.cathaypacific.com/cpa/en_PH/helpingyoutravel/cabinbaggage

    Can we Land in Any City:
    Which City to Land for Jobs:
    Landing Forms:
    Job's In Perspective:

    After getting the PR visa, we are supposed to complete our 'record of landing', on or before the Visa Expiry Date [mentioned on the visa]. The visa Expiry Date is related to EITHER*:
    a) 1yr. from the meds, or
    b) Passport expiry date of the PA or anyone of his/her accompanying Dependents
    *Whichever of the above 2 is earlier.

    It is the obligation of the PA to 'land' first. Which can be 'alongwith' one or more or all the accompanying family members. Let it be clear that the PA's dependents CANNOT land first.

    Irrespective of which city we chose to land, the 'landing' per se, is a simple process. Before debarking the aircraft we'll be provided with a 'Disembarkation Card/Form'. We take that form & first go to the 'Passport Control'.

    1. At the Passport Control:
    Here we need to inform the IO that we have come to do our 'landing'. The IO will check our Disembarkation Card and our passport/s & visa. S/he will then direct us to "Newly Landed Immigrants' Counter".

    2. At the Immigration Counter:
    The IO here will scrutinize our Passport/s & COPRs. He would [sometimes may not] ask to see our POF. Most of the times the officer will not count the 'actual' money & accept what we say. But, no false pretensions there. S/he will then fill some portions of the COPR & ask us to sign it, wherein it'll be attached on our passport. We'll be asked to fill-in the 'PR Card Application Form' & give an address where our PR cards will be forwarded within 3-6 weeks. Thereby, s/he would 'Welcome us to Canada' and direct us to another office.

    3. At the Services Canada Office:
    The Services Canada section is for assisting the Newcomers' settlement moves. Here we'll get lots of books/pamphlets, that'll provide all the crucial info on Canada and our Settlement plan here. From here will be directed to the CBSA counter.

    4. At the CBSA [Customs] Office:
    This is an important location. We are required to present (1) List of Items Accompanying; (2) List of Goods to Follow; (3) Currency Declaration [We'd have to 'declare' any amount of $10K or more]. Lists-1 & 2 must be brought in 2 copies, one would be retained by CBSA and the 2nd copy will be returned back to us. We'll need the 2nd copy when our shipments come-in.

    Note: [1] If we are not bringing-in any goods later, we don't need the 'goods to follow list'. [2] At a random the CBSA might 'actually' check the POF here. Thus, no complacency is acceptable. [3] If there are 'jewelry' involved, do not forget to bring 'Printed Photographs' of the same (details later).

    BTW: All the officers are extremely friendly, very understanding, cheerful and helpful. We'll encounter 'Welcome to Canada' many a times. If all the docs are pre-printed & available with us; and there is not much of a queue, we will be out of the a/port in 40mins-1hr. flat. Which includes the walk-distance, baggage collection etc.

    Even if you stay ONLY for a day at Canada, you will need the following:

    1. Passport with stamped Visa.
    2. COPR (IMM 5292B)
    3. POF. [for cases "without" AEO & family class] (details below)
    4. Passport size photos. -2 or 3 for PRC (may not be needed, but good to have)
    5. PR Card Application (IMM 5444E). -carry it filled pre-printed, for ease
    6. Goods to Follow List (Form B4 / B4A). -carry it filled pre-printed, for ease http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/forms-formulaires/menu-eng.html, http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/forms-formulaires/menu-eng.html
    7. Goods Accompanying List. -as above, a table of things u r carrying on person (value & Totaled)
    8.Money Declaration Form (E677)

    Forms required later
    1. SIN Card Apps Form (NAS 2120). -Not Needed at the A/port [later at Services Canada]
    2. Kids Immunization Record. -Not Needed at the A/port [later for School Admission]
    3. If you are Driving your Car. -read below

    NOTE: The more you are organized before hand, the better 1st impression you deliver and the IO/CBSA officer shall be happier. (BTW: smooth & fast processing). U'll be out faster. Go to your accom & relax for the day, you had a long journey, haven't you?

    The best way to do house hunting [long-term accom.] is to land at Canada & then start searching. Word of mouth & Bulletin Boards are a great ‘real-time' source. However, we cannot condone the importance of the web. Some of the good sites [there are many] could be:
    a) http://www.hometrader.ca (Good site)
    b) http://www.capreit.com (Property Management Services)
    c) http://www.kjiji.ca/ (Good Classifieds site)
    d) http://www.mls.ca (Mother of all)
    e) http://www.realstar.ca
    f) http://www.rentfaster.ca
    g) http://www.bwalk.com

    If you want to know the communities in each quadrant in Calgary to can refer to this link

    What Proofs Are Acceptable?
    If you are carrying more than C$10,000, tell a Canadian official when you arrive in Canada. If you do not tell an official, you may be fined or put in prison. These funds could be in the form of:
    • Cash
    • Securities in bearer form (for eg, stocks, bonds, debentures, treasury bills) or
    • Negotiable instruments in bearer form (for eg, B/drafts, Cheques, TCs or MOs).
    Source: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/funds.asp

    NOTE: Bank of the Philippines Islands Paseo de Roxas branch in Makati has tied up with the Bank of Nova Scotia so that Demand drafts of BPI will be cleared after 10 days only unlike with other banks clearing is 30-40 days max.

    How Much Funds Can I Carry?
    There is no Max limit... we can take Millions, if we can prove its legitimate source & declare anything at/or more than $10,000 [that's the CBSA regulation]. There is a Minimum limit though... we must carry at least or more than what CIC requirement states, vis-a-vis for the no. of pax in the family [accompanying].

    Tax & Duties Component:
    The funds we bring inside Canada are Non-Taxable. It is only the 'interest' earned on that which is taxed. The moment our funds start accruing interest [while lying in a Canadian Bank a/c] the bank will start deducting tax 'on source'. The same applies for any 'investment' in Canada that we make with these funds.

    Though most international banks operate in Canada, the 3 main Canadian Banks are presumably the best, in terms of their presence, availability & location of ATM machines, branches etc.:
    1) Scotiabank,
    2) TD Bank, &
    3) CIBC

    Your PR Card application (IMM 5444E) shall be done at the POE itself. It is part of the PR package [free] and the photos & details will be the same as you supplied for the PPR. Our PR Card/s come back to us via regular post mail, in 3-6 weeks, avg. 4 weeks. It is 'advisable' to stay in Canada for at least 45 days, collect our PRC and then return back [if you must].

    If you leave the country before it arrives, u'll have to make arrangements for its collection & forward delivery to you, overseas, thru a friend/relative [Not a Recommended Action], however, done all the time by ppl. But there is a danger of losing it in transit. And if that happens, we'll have a tedious process to get new ones made.

    After 'landing' we'll have to visit the nearest Services Canada Office for the SIN Card. We get the SIN No. immediately as a 'print-out' -signed & stamped upon applying, the same day, the same time. That'd suffice for all our further actions in Canada, viz Job Search, Bank a/c, House Hunting etc. The card shall come to us in approx 3 weeks. For its collection -ditto applies as above, for the PR Cards.

    NOTE: Remember, we don't need the SIN Card for anything. Only the SIN No. Which we'll get the same time as we apply for it. It'd be wise to visit Services Canada Office the very next day upon arrival.

    Both PR Card & SIN Cards are Federal documents. Meaning? One card for the entire nation -Canada.

    Health is a provincial matter. It is NOT FEDERAL. Thus, if you change provinces, u'll have to AGAIN get that province's Health Card. And again the waiting period* shall apply. Off course, a previous province's health card remains valid for few days/months in another province, but not all benefits could be availed.

    *The Waiting Period:
    As I know, Alberta [eg. Calgary, Edmonton etc] http://www.health.alberta.ca/health-care-insurance-plan.html & Manitoba [eg. Winnipeg] are the Only provinces where there is NO WAITING period for the Health Insurance. Rest in all provinces there is some waiting time to get the Health Benifits. In Ontario [eg. Toronto, Ottawa etc.] it is 3 months.

    Eg.: If Calgary Is My Destination Should I Get The H/Card In Toronto?
    If Calgary is your Final Destination, but you are 'initially' landing in Toronto for a few days stay [Permitted action], I suggest you should first land in Calgary [get the health card] and then visit Toronto. Why? Mainly 'coz, you can get the Calgary health card immediately, but in Toronto you'll not. That Calgary health card will be valid in Toronto for a few days. Not the vice-versa. Secondly, if you land first in Toronto, you'll be staying w/out any health coverage.

    Temp. Health Coverage:
    It's wise to obtain a 'temporary' health coverage before you fly. Off course not required if you are going to Alberta or Manitoba. That temp. coverage shall come in the way of "Travel Insurance", which you can obtain from ANY insurance company in your homeland. The costs depands on the length of coverage. Usually we should take it for 3-4 months, as that is the waiting time in all provinces.

    NOTE: It'll be a good idea to obtain the Travel Insurance from home country. For 2 reasons: [1] You are covered from day-1 even before landing. [2] In Canada it will be costlier & you'll be covered only from the day you apply. What if you get to do it later, as you'll be busy in the initial days? What if something goes wrong in between?

    There is a way to obtain at least the Ontario G2 Driving Lincense immediately, if not the G1. For that some pre-arranged actions are needed, before you fly. I've written in detail on it. Check out this link:

    TRAVEL AGENCIES: It will really depend where you come from.

    i hope i was able to answer some of your concerns on how to start with. In packing your things, there's a lot of help online. just one click and everything will be answered. Good luck and God bless.

  2. very informative post Capricorn..+1 for you :)
  3. Hello Dr. Hasib,
    Thank you. It was from a forum mate who is also very helpful.
    How are you?? You've been so silent for so long. Do you have any update regarding your application status???

  4. Dear capricorn,
    I have been "in process" for the last 2+ months, waiting for MR...
    it's frustration that keeps me silent :(
  5. Very useful post capricorn.Thumps up.
  6. Dear Dr. Hasib,

    It's good to hear that you are in-process and waiting for MR. When did you receive your PER and AOR?? I just want to know the interval of the communications from CIO and from your VO.
    Thank you and make the whole process light on you. I am also a bit of jumpy but i make myself busy in reading, surfing all threads that could put together my sanity hahahaha

  7. hello Dr. Hasib,
    i am a dentist.i am applying as dental therapist.should i wait or apply before 26 june 2011.
    please give me suggestion.
    with regards
  8. Dr Hasib, if dentist gets an arrange employment as dental hygienist is this route acceptable?
  9. To the seniors of this forum, I have a question concerning arranged employment: What are the requirements needed from the employer?
  10. Hi isidra
    whats about your first AOR?
  11. hi ladyk. When did you apply? is it MPNP? or for for federal skill?
  12. Good day to everyone! Just want to share the good news, we just received our med.request this morning. Hope everyone will have good news this week. God bless! :) :) :)
  13. Congratz Mitz............ GO GO GO GO GO....... CEM don't stop on giving us good news.
  14. hi there, no news until now. or my agent is not telling me :mad:
    I thought if inquiring myself. what do you think? how do I do that. what are the details needed when you inquire about your appli since I don't have the file number yet. m really desperate at this moment. seniors please help :(
  15. Dear Dr. Hasib,
    i am going to apply under 3222 category.i have taken notes of your suggestion to different person in this forum.i have some questions.first
    i have blood relation in Canada.but my wife's father name is bit different in birth certificate.difference is just reet instead of rit.we want to show relationship between her uncle and father.
    do we need to send our birth certificate or not.or if yes can we send them later?any alternative?
    i have included my property valuation in proof of funds.liquid funds are CAN $11000 while valuation of property is more than CAN $70000.i have evaluated my property from architecture cum evaluator. is that fine.
    with regards

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