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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Dr.Hasib, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Hello dentists,
    If you have applied to CIC under new rules(26 june 2010 onwards) yet, then pls share your information here............
  2. hi dr. hasib

    have you sent your application?

    quick question...

    1. my husband & I are both dentists & we have our own practice/clinic since 2005... the clinic is just registered under one name, does the other give a sort of certification?

    2. actually my husband is the principal applicant, I am just assigned to do all the paper work/research he is at the same time a dental professor & a hospital dentist... does dental professor still fall under NOC 3113.....

    his work experiences goes like this

    2005-2010 (present) dentist NOC 3113
    2005-2010 (present) dentist/dental professor NOC 3113
    2003-2004 dentist/dental professor ( he taught in a different university in another city )

    The main duties since it will not fit in the space provided, I just typed see attached job description

    schedule 3 economic classes-federal skilled workers
    question 11. your work experience

    detailed job description 1
    position title
    NOC code 3113
    company name
    detailed duties & responsibilities

    my friend who is a medical doctor & is now leaving for canada next month told me to use this format ...
  3. my suggestion is not to confuse the CIO with your language of duties. The CIO may be non medico.

    Follow the main duties mention in the NOC and that should be OK. Rest us up to you
  4. Hi
    I'm also a dentist applying but under old rule. After Feb.2008
    Were are you planning to settle. I've being searching for a lot of information on what to do once we arrived being a foreign trained dentist.
    If I can help you feel free to ask as per my experience, of course.

  5. Hello molarius,
    I havnt sent my application yet. As soon as i get my IELTS result i will send it to CIO(Inshaallah)
    Trade license/business registration is usually issued in favour of 1 person/clinic/organisation. Since your husband is the main applicant, it would be better if your clinic is registered under his name.
    Regarding your 2nd question, Dental professors fall under Unit Group 4121 University Professors
    Check the link by yourself to be sure
    The webpage clearly shows that professor of medicine falls under this category so obviously Dental professors will fall under this category.
    My advice:
    Your husband already have 5 years work exp as a dentist. If he works fulltime (37.5 hours) in his clinic then dont show his work exp as Dental professor.Dont forget NOC code 4121 is not eligible for processing
    Now, how to fill in that form?
    just mention his work exp as a dentist from 2005 to 2010.
    Remember, he is self employed and he has no employer.that's why he will not be able to provide any employer reference letter. To prove his employment he needs to provide some additional documents:
    •business/company registration documents,
    •proof of business conducted with clients (invoices, bills, client references)
    •balance sheets,
    •income tax returns, and/or
    •proof of your licence to practice (if you are a private practitioner)"
  6. Gigab, which one is the suitable province in canada for Dentist?
  7. thank you dr. Hasib, I will just remove it from the list to be sure anyway he already has 5 years work experience as a dentist (private practice...
  8. U r most welcome...anyway, where r u from? when u r gonna apply?
  9. Dr. Hasib

    I'm planning to settle in Toronto or Alberta. Toronto has a variety of places to choose from if your planning to study for example dental hygiene. Alberta does not have that variety of places to study. In Alberta either you enter the 2 year program for foreign dentist that I found very expensive or you study dental hygiene for 3 years. So we are in a difficult situation trying to decide.
    What about you? If you have any information please share?

  10. Toronto would be better as per your information. besides many ppl from my country (Bangladesh) have settled there, so i prefer toronto. keep in touch
  11. dear Dr Hasib

    i am a dentist. i am also from Bangladesh.

    me & my husband applied for Canada. we r currently waiting for PPR. our visa office is London.

    i am really tensed as i have very little info about how dentists from Bangladesh can work in canada or if they have to sit for any exam. my husband is in different profession, so he can't help me in gathering info for dentists

    to be honest i was really delighted to c u in this forum as i was searching for someone from Bangladesh who is a dentist & planning to immigrate to Canada.

    i think we can help each other & also can share info if Allah takes us in Canada. we can also help each other out if we have to sit for any exam in Canada to work as dentist---of course, if u don't mind.

    i look forward to ur response.

  12. U r most welcome. u said your visa office is london. Do u live outside bangladesh? anyway, i am quite sure that we have to sit for various exams to practice Dentistry in Canada. but at first we need the visa. When did u apply?keep in touch.
  13. hi Dr Hasib

    we live in UK.

    we applied last year.

    i have sent u a message in ur Inbox.

    many thanks.

  14. Hi... I am also a dentist.what are the options we have to pursue dentistry further in Canada?
    I know about dental hygiene course and the other is NDEB.
    Is there any other good option with which we can earn good as well as we can live there with dignity.????
  15. i think we should try for NDEB....it would be very hard, rigorous process...

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