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Defective study permit help

Discussion in 'International Students' started by airforce1907, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. I have a question, please.

    My study permit has no conditions that reflect my authority to work off campus. The conditions portion is blank in my Study Permit. However, I meet the off-campus work requirements; I am a full-time student at a DLI.

    If I work without the condition being printed, would I be illegally working? Once again, there is NO condition that DISALLOWS me from working, and there is NO condition that allows me. The conditions portion is just empty.
  2. Yes it woukd be illegal. You need to have it ammended, go talk to your international advisor at school.
  3. Its not necessary that the conditions portion will always have something written. A visa officer may or may not impose any condition on you. What allows you to work 20 hrs is remarks/ observartion statement on your study permit. Even my condition portion is empty. Its ok
  4. If your remarks portion has the statement “ may accept employment on or off campus...” then that means you can work on or off campus. This is what i know.
  5. do you currently work?
  6. just amend it for free
  7. Do I need my birth certificate to amend my ability to work?
  8. i dont remember. but cic website has a page that does explicitly state what you need and that it is free to amend
  9. No .
    Already answered your query before.
  10. Exactly.
    If you read the instructions you’ll know what’s needed and what’s not.
  11. I did my amendment, and had conditions added.
  12. No conditions = No SIN = No work

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