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Decision Made

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by mikilee, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I got DM updated on my ecas yesterday. And when I clicked the underline, no new details showed. I am just wondering what does DM means? I tried to call CIC, however I couldn’t reach the agent.
    Thank you for everyone’s advice. :)
  2. Can I know your timeline please ?
  3. Ghost update. DM is Decision made. Almost for sure good news.
    Congrats. You should receive positive formal updates soon.
  4. Sure,
    AINP - Inland
    Application received: Aug 28, 2017
    AOR: Oct 4, 2017
    MR: Jun 27, 2018
    Medical Passed: Jul 15, 2018
    Decision Made: Jan 10, 2019
  5. Thank you for your advice. So decision made = ghost update? I’m so nervous, I want to know what is their decision. :oops:
  6. Ghost update is when you get an email saying your application or account was updated but when you log in it doesn't look like anything was changed. Usually means you'll get an actual positive update soon so congratulations!!!
  7. Ok, I see.
    I didn’t receive any email cause my account is linked to my immigration advisor(like the company who helps people with the paperwork and so). I just use ecas to check by myself. And I found decision made yesterday.
    Thank you for your advice. :)
  9. No, nothing yet
  10. May I ask plz when I could get the response from CIC? Thank you so much!
    My timeline:
    Application received: Aug 25, 2017
    AOR: Sep 30, 2017
    MR: Jun 28, 2018
    Medical Passed: Jul 28, 2018
  11. I’m not sure. You can call CIC to ask further details of your application tho
  12. ya, thank you

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