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December 2018 AOR Over 6 Months

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by vipul123, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. AOR Dec 12th
    VO Sydney
  2. Have you called CIC? what they told?
  3. I am just wondering, is there a common reason, for all of you guys why the application is being delayed? For example, if everyone answered YES to any of the statutory questions,,like "have your visa been rejected before" or something like that?
  4. In my case I think is because Colombians need to wait to be asked for the Colombian police certificate, I couldn't submit it with my application like other countries, and it's all done by a third party, so I didn't have any control about the times.

    I was asked for it back in January when I passed my medicals. Since then it says "we are reviewing the additional documents you provided" and "We are processing your background check".

    I have applied through a consultant.
  5. No dear.
    I applied directly through gcms website. I gave details of my friend in canada and got the notes on his email in exact 30 days. I didnt have to follow up.
  6. Thats weird, i didnt receive mine. Submitted another one. Hope to receive my PPR before even the GCMS!
  7. Yes I am calling CIC every week once. Just they are giving general information. On Feb 5th, I have got a ADR and i submitted immediately. From that day, there is no update till now.
  8. I
    I Seriously believe family of two or more will take longer to get reviewed.

    A single guy or girl with just ielts, wes, a clear employment record and bank statement could easily get reviewed and approved i guess...

    And in the thread, I see most of them had medical cleared on February and ADR's on February...
    I guess everything is fine as many of them are in the same situation . Ircc has a lot of backlog maybe.
  9. Hi everyone,

    I rang IRCC today after a ghost update in my account yesterday timeline is as follows:

    AOR - Dec 10th 2018
    Medical Passed - Jan 21st 2019
    Ghost Update - June 25th 2019
    Called IRCC today and the agent confirmed that my application has been approved but I will be called for interview in next 3 months.

    Good luck to everyone else waiting.
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  10. What was your status earlier? Were you under review required? Was you security check started?

    For me security check not yet started and my file is under queue for review.. Were you Also in same boat?
  11. My AOR was 20 Dec'18. -> estimated time 20 Jun'19
    No update so far.

    Can someone please advise me what steps should I take ?
    E.g - how do I raise a query
  12. Aor dec 07

    Passed medicals Jan 18

    Nothing since then....
  13. To read on the stages of an express entry application see:


    Received the above link from one of the senior members in our forum. It says the '6' months countdown actually starts after our R10 is complete.
    R10 is the completeness check and can be found out only through GCMS notes. If its 100% true , i should receive an update on my application before August 2nd.
  14. You should raise a case specific enquiry... and order a gcms note too. Search our forum... Accurate steps for both has been mentioned in several threads

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