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December 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by kunalsingla1991, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. No ghost update yet :-(
  2. I
    It changed the day ip2 started for me
  3. Guys, I got a ready for visa/pret pour visa mail. That's PPR right? Mail subject says CPCO - Final Request.

    my time line is as follows:

    AOR - 28th Dec
    Medical Pass/IP1: 8th Feb
    IP2 - 11th July
    Ready for Visa Email: 16th July
    Resident in UAE
    Indian Citizen
    VO - Ottawa

    Had ordered GCMS in June and it came in July stating nothing had started. After my 6 months deadline, I sent a webform asking if anything has started and got a mail saying eligibility is being processed and background check hasn't started. Two days later, I moved to IP2. And then 5 days later I got the mail. Never called any agent.

    Everything feels so surreal right now. Is this happening?

    200 days.
  4. Hi SAI86, how you got to know your VO? I am also resident in UAE, Pakistani national.
  5. Hi guys

    I requested Ralph for an update on my profile yesterday and he replied.
    And i got RPRF request today.

    Will wait to see what happens next. Well, it is after almost 5 months that i'm getting a message from IRCC.
  6. It was mentioned in my GCMS note and I also asked what's my VO office when I raised the webform.

    The agent who replied to my query said my VO is Ottawa.
  7. Wt ws Ralph's reply??
  8. He talked to ircc agent about my application and they informed my Eligibility, security and criminality has not yet been initiated. It was just a generic response.
    But what i appreciate is that ircc at least asked me for a further step. I believe it has something do do with his inquiry that set them off.
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  9. 216 days today and waiting. I can't imagine what it feels like to receive PPR now.

    It's really difficult to keep positive. The wait continues for good old London Visa Office.
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  10. I wish IRCC finish off the process of our files soon...He told me on thursday tht my eligibility, criminality is passed .... Only security is left....!!
  11. wow.., its so good to be out of the loop isnt it.? god bless u.. and lets pray that the hope is real for others too..
    i can understand .., i am in same pain too. it feels like it will never come for me.. i believe u too feel like the most unluckiest in the world to which never a good thing happens..
    but thats not the truth.. truth is we are almost there and magic can happen anytime.
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  12. Crossed 7 months on July 11. Same London VO. Only know of criminality passed. No idea about anything else because IRCC call agents can't access files outside Canada. Gcms notes not arrived yet, been over a month. A work colleague got his PPR in under 3 months, and guess what, his case was processed at London VO too. It's all a joke.
  13. How they process and pick out files seems bizarre. We are in the same situation as you.
    I guess it's we are unlucky and all we can hope is that it comes through this month.
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  14. Yup, it feels like we will never be lucky enough to have the wait end for us soon. I hope my luck kicks in soon!
  15. Hi friends.. same old story..
    AOR: 06th December 2018.

    Received GCMS notes.
    1) Eligibility: Review Required
    2) Medical: Passed
    3) Criminality: Not yet Started
    4) Security: Not Started
    5) Info Sharing: Complete

    Review required for Primary applicant occupation as my spouse has her own clinic since almost 3 years now. We gave more than necessary docs to prove the Work Ex.

    Also, I gave Fixed deposits copy and a letter from bank for more than 16000 CAD$ and we are under review required.
    Most astonishing part is that the last update of any sort on our file is dated 06/02/2019.

    And now we can only wait. Made several calls to IRCC but they have general reply only.

    It's frustrating, if there is any doubt they should ask for any further proofs and we can provide anything but sitting on our files is very saddening..
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