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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by sjoshua2007, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Good Morning everyone in the house ...Please does anyone has any update in the house
  2. Any update from your side
  3. Anyone left here or just me
  4. just got my PPR on Friday! Los Angeles Visa Office
  5. Congrats ....
  6. Congrats once again please what is your time line
  7. Is anyone left in this forum ?
  8. Me!!!!
  9. What stage are you at please
  10. Wife got PPR in Nov 2018 but had to withhold since we had to add our newborn to the application!
    Added in Nov but still in process!
  11. same here, got my COPR, sent in passport about a month ago to LA VO
  12. Hi,
    How long it took you get PPR? I received a email saying they have started processing my husband's application on June 25,2019. I am guessing this will be AOR2. Is it taking more than 12 months? Was there any interview?
  13. Have you heard from them
  14. Anyone left in here
  15. nothing so far

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