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Days count to apply for citizenship after renewing my PR

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by charmerx, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    I got my PR card last year and willing to stay in Canada for two years within the first five years to be able to renew my PR. The question is, if I stay for two years and renew my PR and after that I stay for another year to complete the 1095 days can then I apply for the citizenship? or the days before renewing the PR will not be counted and I need to stay another 1095 after the PR renewal?

    Please advise ..

  2. You need 1095 days of physical presence in the 4 years prior to application. Your holding of a PR Card or not is irrelevant its the physical presence that counts and that your PR status is in good standing (you are not under residency review).
  3. FYI - you won't be able to renew your PR card after two years. CIC won't process the application. You'll have to wait until you are much closer to the expiry date of your PR card. I would recommend that you apply 6-8 months before the expiry of your PR card.
  4. They say here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/pr-card/apply-first-pr-card.asp that you should not apply for a new PR card until you have 6 months or less until it expires.
  5. Leon,

    In my case, I will meet the residency requirement to keep my PR status good on July 2014 (This is when I will be resident for more than 730 days in the last 5 years)
    My wife & kids will meet the requirement 6 months earlier than me.
    My question is: Can we all wait until July 2014 (this is a month earlier of the cards expiry date) or it is better that my wife and kids apply before me when they meet the requirements.

    Thanks in Advance
  6. You can all apply together if you want to. It doesn't really matter. There is no law about renewing your PR card before it expires. You can also renew it after it expires if you want to.
  7. Thanks a lot folks for your answers and clarification :)
  8. @ Tayara

    Agree with Leon but you need to be aware of processing time for renewing PR.
  9. Thanks Halloum,

    I understood from Leon answer that it does not really matter even if we applied shortly before the cards expired to make sure that we met the residency requirement of the 730 days mark. (in our case it will be a month before it expires)

    If you have any comments please advise.

  10. If your wife and kids plan to travel after they meet the residency obligation, then maybe they should renew theirs before you do given it can take months to get the renewal. There is no point in them waiting for you
  11. Right, it doesn't matter if you let the PR cards expire before applying for new ones but as said, in case your wife and kids might like to travel, they can apply ahead of you so they can have their cards already before you can apply for yours. The processing time now is 78 days.
  12. Thanks Leon and Halloum
  13. This is my scenario:

    Got Work Permit (TWP) on 8th Feb,2009 and continued working in Canada without any break.

    Got PR on 31st Dec,2011 and stayed on.

    When do you think I can apply for citizenship counting my TWP tenure.
  14. Early January 2014 assuming you don't leave Canada between now and then.

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