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Daily commute (Detroit-Windsor) (H1b and Canada PR)

Discussion in 'H-1B Holders in the U.S.' started by prudhvi, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. @gtvisa2020 cool. Can you get transfer back to us anytime you want?
  2. I wish, moving from US-->CA payroll is a cost reduction, but the flip is not. So manager said, she will try everything in her power but may need to justify the increased cost. I understand that, if the job can be done at a lower cost to the company, why would they pay more?
  3. Hi

    I am currently working in Canada and preparing to apply for EE, in the meantime selected for dv lottery and waiting my number to become active for green card interview.

    I am wondering whether I can live in Windsor with Canadian PR and work in Detroit with us green card , daily commute.

    My question is about presence calculation for Canada, and if anyone knows for USA, and also possible outcome of this setup in citizenship application on Canada.

    Thank you.
  4. But why you did not try for working remote keeping your H1.. like tell them that you'd work from Detroit, but commute from Windsor.
  5. It is in house. Apologies for late reply.

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