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Courier Service to send documents from US

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Ricky09, May 10, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I am confuse between Fedex and DHL for sending documents to
    CPC – Ottawa – PR
    365 Laurier Avenue West
    Ottawa ON K1A 1L1

    Fedex - is showing no nearby drop off location when I fill out the form online, but on google there are many Fedex offices near above address (close ~ 0.5ml).

    DHL - Someone told me he mailed out the documents with DHL, but DHL is about 50 ml away from the above address.

    Please advise !
  2. It doesn't matter where the offices of the courier are, they deliver the package to the address of IRCC.
  3. That is fine, but my concern is about the RETURN ENVELOP, will they be ok to travel 50ml to mail back the passport to me.
  4. They will call the courier to pick up the envelope. It's fine.
  5. hmm! I think so, they must have some arrangements with these big courier services.
    Thanks for the reply!
  6. From US to CPC Ottawa, I sent it via UPS with next day delivery. Only pain with UPS and FedEx we have to create the return shipping label for Canada to US address as both FedEx n UPS said they can't do it in store for us.
  7. I am pretty much ok with Fedex but when I was creating the Return Label in the store it was showing me no near by drop off location (Strange as there are many fedex stores near CPC Ottawa).

    My friend sent his passport with DHL and now you are saying you sent it with UPS. I think I should just pick one and move forward with it.

    btw, are you sure it was UPS not USPS ?
    (bcz, I read somewhere UPS uses Canadian mail service to deliver within Canada)
  8. I chose UPS not USPS, because well you know USPS lol.
    Yea just pick one go ahead . It should be fine..
  9. Don't be bothered about drop off locations. I am sure all courier carriers go to CPC offices to pick up packages..
  10. hmm!
    I also think so as thousandsss of people apply every month.
  11. I went to UPS today and they were about to do all but then the lady told me that they dont do return labels. So had to come back. It is strange you got it done but they told me that they can't do return labels internationally.
  12. As I said here.. they don't do the return label. So we have to create an account by ourself n print both the labels n drop off.. I spoke to FedEx n UPS both and they mentioned the same..
  13. See above reply
  14. Finally created an account with Fedex and delivered the passport.

    Do you know in how many days can I expect to get it back ?

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