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cost of medicals for Nigerians

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by MAKY, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Please can someone advice me on how much it cost to do medicals in lagos.

    Please and kindly let me know the medical tests that is been done .My family's application is in process and we are expecting the accra office to write us as per the medicals.
    Thank you all.

  2. I cannot remember the exact cost but you may call or visit the hospital in Yaba or V/I to find out their current costs with your family composition.

    The contacts are:
    Olufemi Akinyanju
    Asaju Medical Clinic,
    2 Olosa Street,
    Victoria Island,
    (234-1) 2700040
    (234-1) 2700654

    Maria Esin
    Marien Clinic,
    7 Montgomery Rd,
    (234-1) 879 7932


  3. thank you and God bless you.bye
  4. the cost for the medical is N27, 000 4 passport 33mm, ur international passport both original and copy the 27k is person.
  5. lnd_dan ...Thank you
  6. @ Ind_dan, pls does d 27k includes cost of postage?
  7. @ Ind_dan, i think the charge is fair enough considering that they will have to part with 8k for the postage but then it also depends since we are not d one to sent d report they might wanna use cheap means like Nipost EMS to send it after all CHC-offices uses cheap& slow postal services. Any idea on this?
  8. @egrace, i really don't know the means they use in sending the medicals but which way it will get to the embassy.
    you just cool down and wait for the best
    when did u submit ur application?
  9. i submited to CHC Accra November 2010 and my e-cas indicates In-process ( We started processing ur application on November 23rd 2010)
  10. it alright guess PNP is faster than FSW as soon as u submit it shows in process then they start asking for additional doc.
    i submitted in June expecting medical anytime soon.
    have they sent ur aor?
    always check ur mails they send mails almost every monday if need be.
    all the best.
  11. Re: (No subject)

    @ ind_dan, yeah i got my aor 10days after applying. They are nt likely to ask additnal docs cos dey only screen for medical & security and i was askd to submit my pcc
  12. @engrace, urs was fast it took my a month to get they requested for additional documents from me which i had submitted before.
    guess they just wanted to be sure of wat i submitted.
    well, i know it meant to be medical and security check from wat i learnt it should not be more than 6months.
    i hope we get it before end of the year.
    hopefully since u submitted in June i was also in June shows we are on same time they got my 11th June started processing 9th August 2010.
    let me know yours.
    take care
  13. applied june 4th to paris, got my selection certificate september 8th 2010, federal application delivered november 11th, AOR issued 23rd November, e-cas started showing IN-process (we started processing ur file nov 25th
  14. ok i think u are under fsw am under pnp
    i submitted before ur date.
    am expecting them to send me medical requst
    do u have idea how long it takes to get the process done on pnp?

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