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Correspondence letter

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Asiful600w, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Hello guys, I submitted my application at 23rd October, yesterday i got a message in gc key the title was Correspondence letter.which basically is a letter confirming my biometric validity,NB: i had submitted my biometric at vfs during the application,now can anyone tell how much time is left for me till the decision? My status is reviewing since 2 weeks 5 days.
  2. This is a positive sign and a welcoming development, your decision is close.. get ready. Good luck
  3. If i dont get the visa dicision within december 1 my semester will be shifted to September 19 :(depletion decision
  4. Which is certainly "almost" impossible of getting a "final" decision, deferring is the best option even if its September 2019 as long as you get your visa
  5. Corresponded letter with no medical required, is it a positive sign?
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  6. Mine steps r medical passed and others r in review and i got the correspondence yesterday
  7. Yes it is, an update is liable to your application soonest
  8. @Asiful600w Yeah same happpened with me.I submitted my application on 18th October with upfront medical after 25 days my portal was updated saying you passed the medical exam and on 14th nov I got my Correspondence letter of biometrics,still waiting for the final decision
  9. @Arqimmalik @Asiful600w any updates regarding your application. I applied on 10th october with upfront medical, medical passed and review started within a week, today I received correspondence letter for biometric validation. I am confused why I got this. I should have recieved Passport request. After how many days of biometric correspondence letter you guys got Passport request ?
  10. @Asiful600w @zafarest , I have same question, I received the correspondence letter for biometric validation yesterday, how many days you waited to receive the passport request, please can you answer ASAP and I appreciated in advance!
  11. Hi. Yesterday I received a correspondence letter and today original passport request!:)
    Soon you will receive the same
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  12. Today I received a correspondence letter in my GCkey account about the validation of my biometrics....when can I expect a final decision on my application?
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  13. I received the same biometric validity correspondence. What are the chances of obtaining visa. Is it positive sign too ?
  14. Yesterday I received biometric validity correspondence letter and today I am approved.
  15. Please ,you guys should put me through .I just want to start my application. My mum is sponsoring my fund for schooling. Is her Statement of account (4 months) only enough to serve as proof of funds or she needs to back it up with a letter. Please, I need reply

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