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Correct NOC code for Workforce analyst job!!

Nimarta singh

Sep 3, 2018
Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me figure out the appropriate NOC code for the below responsibilities. I am having a very hard time finding exact/nearest code that fits into Skill O, A or B. Your suggestions are much appreciated.

• Execution of daily baseline strategies for all portfolios which includes the configuration (strategy control, record selections, job starts/stops/links/recycles), real-time monitoring, and historical reporting.
• Dialer campaign optimization - ensuring optimal idle times while maintaining industry
standard abandon rates.
• Monitor and maintain inbound service level targets, achieved by making real-time
staffing updates from inbound to blend to outbound states and visa versa.
• Real-time monitoring of agent states (inbound and outbound), helping to ensure
consistent talk/update times and informing agents and managers of discrepancies.
• Work closely with the Intraday Workforce team for the implementation of new or
changing schedules or rotations.

Thank you
I also work same profile. Which NOC u used