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COPR this week?


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Nov 25, 2022
I recieved my GCMS note as stated below;

Document: COPR / CRP
Status: Not Started
Valid To: 2021/09/19
Print Queue: PQ-DOC-1129-2
Status Updated By: RC-9515
Status Updated Date: 2021/01/08 09:34:48
Assigned To: RK6165
Assigned By: RC-9515
Due Date: 2021/01/08

From the looks of it, it has been approved since January, but I dont have a COPR email or approval on the portal. I am also not sure where my"Print Queue: PQ-DOC-1129-2" is. the call center just tell me to wait but I have list patience since my ARO was April 4th. What do you think I should do? Contact the MP? Do I contact my local office or Primary Office: CPC-Ottawa ? I am also CEC inland
when did u you receive the approval email? If u can thelp because i am in same situation since this jan and same both agents