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converting supervisa to regular visitors visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by lsaba, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Hello Bryanna,
    Since I have read some of your expert advise, I hope you are the best person to seek this advise from you. My parents got super visa in 2016 October, my father got 31/2 years of visa for up to the validity of his passport and my mom got full 10 years visa since she submitted a new passport. They came to canada in 2016 October and stayed for up to 1 1/2 years and they left in Feb 2018. it is almost 2 years now and they wanted to come back just for 3 months again. Since they are planning to stay for 3 months I don't want to pay for 1 year insurance for super visa so can they apply for regular visitor's visa just to avoid paying insurance instead once they already have super visa in place?

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    You can't convert a visa to another. You can try to apply for a standard visitors visa, but it may cancel the supervisa or be refused as a supervisa has been issued.
  3. Many companies allow you to cancel the insurance once your parents leave and only pay for the months covered. You should be getting medical insurance for parents unless you have a couple hundred thousand dollars extra in your savings.
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  4. They should be getting medical insurance REGARDLESS on what type of visa they are on . It's pure recklessness to be a visitor and not be covered . You are aware hopefully that visitors are not covered by the provincial healthcare plans, correct ?
    There are numerous cases online where visitors came, did not choose to get insurance, something happened, they ended up in hospital, got presented with a huge bill ,then the woe is me violins started
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  5. As already mentioned get insurance no matter what, better safe than sorry.
    Also get insurance that can be refunded if they leave early. With my inlaws they left really early and the insurance portion that we did not use was refunded back less $40 admin fee.
    Again get insurance either way! don't be silly, something could suddenly go wrong! Just to add from personal experience, the second time my inlaw came we almost had to use the insurance. It was less than our deductible so we just paid out of pocket, but could have been worse!

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