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Conversion of Indian license to BC license

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Rocky3604, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    I had gone to ICBC to get my Indian license converted to British Columbia license since I had few years of experience driving in India( almost 10 years) since i didn't want to go through the complete process to get class 7 and then class 5. I was aware that my Indian license would be kept by the ICBC, but to my surprise when I went in for knowledge test, they said they wanted to check the authenticity of my license(non reciprocal license) and then only I can apply for knowledge test with this driving experience. So I submitted my license at their office and they gave me the acknowledgement.

    Has anyone faced similar scenario? If so what was the outcome, how do these people verify the authenticity? I have been using this original license(paper type) while I was in India. I was told that if its found fraud(which is not) the license won't be returned to me, so that basically means am stranded without a license when I travel to India. Can someone help me with this issue.
  2. No experience with this but your options on what do are limited to only one : wait for them to accept your license and let you take knowledge test. Did they mention how long it will take for them to do so?
  3. 2 weeks is the timeline told
  4. In either case ur license was supposed to be surrendered to icbc to get a BC driving license. Now if ur license is verified u will be allowed to apprear for class 5 road test after passing knowledge test. Otherwise u will be issued L license upon passing knowledge test and then u have to move along the GLP to get class 7 and then class 5 in 3 years

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