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Consequences for working in a marijuana dispensary?

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by vestrit77, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Hey,

    I was offered a job in a dispensary, but I haven't actually taken it.
    I was wondering if working there gave grounds for deportation, or if it would seriously harm my chances for Permanent Residence?
    I don't smoke weed or any kind of drug, it's just a clerical job and I wouldn't even be handling the product itself.
    The Immigration offices are closed, so I need to find out really soon.
    If anyone can give me an unbiased, factual answer for this that would be great.
    It's such a grey area and I don't wanna get in trouble after only having landed here.

  2. Is this a legal or illegal dispensary? If illegal your pay is considered to be the proceeds of crime. If it is legal and processes all its documentation then it's fine.
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    Guess you missed the date of the OP, 2015 ?

    Anyway an often missed challenge with having anything to do with marijuana whether as a user, producer , distributor or retail is that US CBP can get awkward about the fact if ever mentioned to them when crossing into the US.

    Just something to keep in mind plus of course is illegal to bring anything back into Canada even though is legal in the country.


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