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Confirmation/receipt of case specific enquiry??????

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by aaycee, May 18, 2011.

  1. Hi Friends..
    I have sent two or three queries to ND VO through case specific inquiry in last fifteen days but have not received any auto generated response of confirmation. But earlier when ever I sent any inquiry I have gotten the email on the same time about the confirmation.
    Has It happened with anybody else too????
    Does it mean that my query has not reached them? What should I do?

  2. Dear Aaycee ! you should send NDVO general enquiry in place of case specific enquiry. u will get confirmation on same day n reply in 3 to 4 days. Good luck n regards.
  3. Thanks Doc:)
  4. pleasure is entirely mine doc. i m ready to help my fellow professionals anytime as per my little knowledge of this immigration stuff. cheers n regards.
  5. Thanks alot again Doc... I got the confirmation :)
    U know waiting for visa is killing like any dreadful Disease. I am tired of this wait now :(

  6. hi dear
    I just wanted to ask the same question.
    I,ve sent my enquiry for 2 times but didn,t get any automated reply.
    I want to ask to submit my passports from Saudia instead of Pakistan.
    Should I send them a general enquiry.
    Please reply...
  7. Dear Goodwill ! have a good day. why not ? u can try sending it. i hope definitely they will revert back. good luck n regards.
  8. thanks lubob!
    I,ll send them general enquiry.
    hope to get a response.
  9. Great to know general inquiry works better than case specific. I was always under the wrong immpression. How did you send the mail? was it like writing a letter, signing it and then sending as attachment or the contents were directly written in the mail itself?

    I am also wanting to write a mail but i really dont know what should i write, dont want to irritate the visa office


  10. Ya dear... I was also very happy when I got the confirmation. I just sent them email included my UCI, file no. as well as date of birth.
  11. Doc I have sent u a PM.

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