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Discussion in 'International Students' started by apsingh3890, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Hi everyone , i will be arriving in Canada next week to join enterprise content management program at Doon campus.
  2. Hello , I have also applied in this program for jan 2020. Please can you tell me your profile and how many days conestoga took to issue offer letter
  3. I was issued offer pretty quick i think within a week , i have some experience in IT and have IELTS 8.0 overall
  4. I just want to confirm that is this course related to IT field as i have done graduation in bachelor of computer application .
  5. Yes it is check the program details, its mostly a mix of IT Infra and Operations
  6. As you said you have experience in IT field. So what do you think does this program have good scope in future in canada. What types of jobs we can get after completing this program.
  7. Your success in finding job is directly proportional to the skills and networking acquired. Rest is Gods grace. good luck!
  8. Did you include sop in your application for study permit ..??
  9. Hi! Dear A P Singh, When did you apply to Conestoga? I can see all their programs are shown to be closed for all winter, Spring and Fall intake in 2020.
  10. Hi all, for conestoga college
    september 2020 intake I see the courses are open , but am not able to apply .
    has anyone applied to this course starting september 2020
  11. anyone for conestoga waterloo campus jan 2020

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