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Conestoga College January 2020 Intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by iamarjunchandra, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Hi Friends,
    Has anyone got offer letter from Conestoga for January 2020 ?
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  2. NO, When did you apply and for which course? I have applied on June 12th.
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    Hi bro, I applied for applied Manufacturing management on june 22nd. Which course did you apply for?
  4. For me network security. Im also from kerala. I saw your comment on another thread
  5. Machaane evida aanu sthalam? Profile onn share chyaavo? Btech marks, IELTS oka. etra college apply chyth bro?
  6. Number inboxil send chyth bro
  7. I got LOA from Conestoga College for Janaury 2020
  8. Hey congratulations! i too got my LOA. Did you file your visa? i am planning to file mine next month.
  9. Not yet...im also planning.
  10. All the best. Hope we both get the visa. I got accepted to Applied Manufacturing Management. What about you?
  11. Great! I got accepted for Packaging Engineering Technician
  12. yeah I got my LOA Y'day!!
  13. Great! Congratulations
  14. Thank you!! Congrats to you too!!
  15. Thank u

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