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Conestoga college jan 2020 intake- Web design and development

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Aasheesh, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. I applied on 14th june in doon campus and havent received offer letter..have you got the offer letter
  2. Have you applied for the same program ?
    Nope I dint got offer yet
    Expecting in this week or next week!
  3. No i have applied for business marketing .when u applied?
  4. 29th May
  5. Man you should have tried for Universities if you are interested. or Some other better colleges than this. If interested have a look at Simon Fraser University. Low tution fees and top quality education, British Columbia. Once you graduate you may get direct PNP (for some universities in BC)
  6. me too..
  7. Bro did you get any reply from the college? Mine is still 'No decision' in the application portal.
  8. Hi Aasheeh,
    I am from chennai
    I got an offer for conestoga - Web design and development for Jan 2020 intake doon campus.
  9. Hi
    Sorry for delay brother
    Yep I got offer letter long back!
    Can’t remember date!
  10. Congratulations!
    Even I go it
    When are you planning to start your visa process ?
    Please send me your SOP to refer
  11. Me too brother. did you file your visa? I am planning to file my visa applicatiom next month.
  12. Congrats!
    Most probably after this week!
    I’m in process, as if accumulating documents
    little bit stuck in sop
    Please share your sop that will be great
    Thanks ✌
  13. Hii, I got an offer for Web Design and Development- Conestoga Jan 2020 intake.
    I'm from Andhra Pradesh.
    What is this SOP you guys are talking about?
    Is it Statement of Purpose? Where is it needed?
  14. Whats your profile bro?
  15. Is there any non-CS guys like ECE got admit in computer-related course in Conestoga

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