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Conestoga college jan 2020 intake- Web design and development

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Aasheesh, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone!
    Anyone else has applied for web design and development program and waiting for offer letter or already has the offer letter!
    Please do reply
  2. Hi, I applied for another course in conestoga and waiting for a decision from their side. What about you? Have you got your letter of acceptance?
  3. Nope! Not yet.
    Have you got any update ?
    And when you have applied ?
  4. Not yet! I applied on 22nd this month. When did you apply? Hope we both gets accepted. Fingers crossed✌️
  5. I'm thinking of applying. Do you think the college is good enough for the profile: 8 overall IELTS, 72.6% in Btech with 0 backlog history. How is it compared to same program at Langara?
  6. Do you mean 22nd of June?
    I applied on 29th of May nearly a month time!
    Yup hope for the best!
  7. My consultant told me that it will definitely take at least a month more to get a reply from the college since they are at present busy sending out offers to fall students as well as they are still accepting applications for certain courses in fall. So you may need to wait one more month.
  8. I know!!
    They take time but according to your agent I might get offer after two months from application right ?
    But that’s too late
  9. Now I’m super worried buddy
    2 months to get offer from one college?
    Can you please ask your agent when they’ll start assessing applications for January ?
  10. Hello Bro,
    Well I have asked my consultant about this and they told me that Conestoga will roll out spring offers only by the second half of July or even later. I know it's a bit frustrating because one of my friend who applied to lambton college via the same consultancy got his acceptance last month for spring intake and he has payed his fee, GIC and is now left with applying visa as the only task remaining for him whereas we are yet to get a decision from conestoga. All we can do is to wait.
  11. Thank you for that!
    Even I have lambtons offer letter but for Sarnia Campus.
    Which is way far from Toronto and don’t know whether there will be any part time job!
    Most probably I wont take admission there let’s wait for Conestogas reply
    I met my agent today she told me that one of her application has got offer couple of days back that means they have started assessing applications
    She told me you might get within a week’s time
    Let’s see what it’s in my fate! *fingers crossed*
  12. Don't worry, we both will definitely get admission.
  13. Yup!
    Hope for the best
  14. By the way I am from kerala. What about you bro? My course is in conestoga's guelph campus.
  15. I’m from Mumbai
    My program is web design and Dev
    Doon campus

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