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Concerns about eTA

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by LucyMeyer, May 3, 2018.

  1. Hello, I am an Australian planning on travelling to Canada in June and I want to back pack for about 3 months over the summer (not working, just purely travelling) is an eTA the only kind of authorisation I need to enter the country? Or will I be issued a visitor visa on arrival? Because on the website they say Australians are visa exempt. But just want to double check that I’m not missing some underlying step.

    And also will I need to provide an itinerary of my travel plans on arrival? since I only plan on being there for just 3 months. What kind of questions so I expect from immigration?

    Thank you for any advice or information anyone can provide.
  2. An eTA is all that you need to apply for. Of course, you also need to be able to show you have sufficient funds available to support your vacation. You may also be required to show your intent to return home at the end of the vacation.
  3. Ok no problem then, thank you for you reply! Should having a return ticket be enough to ensure my intent to return home? or should I bring a letter from my employer saying that I start work again on certain dates once I fly back home to Australia?
  4. An ETA by the way just authorises you to board a plane bound for Canada nothing else.

    Having a return ticket and if asked proof of funds you should be fine. By all means if your employer can give you letter but general rule with CBSA is only answer questions asked don’t volunteer anything as just leads to unnecessary questions.

    As a visa exempt generally most people would get a 6 month default stay ( no specific period written in passport) and sometimes only question might be purpose of visit not even asking how long. As long as don’t present as a down and out backpacker who might work but just a genuine tourist you should be fine. Very easy to overthink things.
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  5. Awesome, thank you this helps a lot!
  6. Is it usual for an eTA application to take 72 hours to decide, wether or not you are applicable?

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