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Complicated visa.Ties?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Mariebelmont, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Hello,after reading a lot of posts on here I started wondering if my visa would get approved or rejected.
    -I'm married to a Canadian citizen
    -24 yo
    -I don't work nor study (ties)
    -I don't have a bank account
    -Dependant on my father who has sufficient funds for me (we live abroad and he's a diplomat)
    -I've travelled
    -My husband will have an invitation letter for me
    -My father will finance my stay and my husband the air ticket

    So my question is, do I still have any red flags ?? Do you think my visa will be accepted ?
  2. Why do you need a visa?

    You are married with a Canadian citizen so you have the permit residence good for you, you shouldn't need a visa if you are married just ask for the residence permit
  3. I don't intend to sound discouraging. Unfortunately, your application has all the classic reasons for a TRV refusal (Canadian spouse + no spousal PR application + no study or employment ties + no personal finances, etc).

    If your TRV is granted then consider yourself incredibly lucky.

    You might want to consider applying for a spouse PR instead
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  4. That’s not how it works.
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  5. You mean be sponsored ?
  6. Hi there.Do you mean be sponsored by my husband ? Because we plan on doing that after I apply for a visa.
  7. Yes - we are referring to your husband sponsoring you for PR.

    You can certainly try applying for a TRV however the chances of being approved are likely low.
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  8. That will take AT LEAST a year that is the reason we thought a visa would be better but if I will just get a refusal ..do you think reopening a bank account could help?
  9. It most likely won't make any difference.
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  10. So in you best opinion would it make more sense to just do the visitor visa first and then once approved we apply for the permanent residency afterwards. some questions though,

    - if we apply for visitor visa and it is approved. For example 6 months, and we apply for permanent residency 2-3 months of her in Canada will that conflict with her Visitor visa?

    - What grounds can we justify that she would have the willingness to return. I.e. How could we make her application for visitor visa stronger.

    Thank you, Kind regards.
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    It gets confusing to relate to the facts when someone else hijacks a thread. Are you the OP or the spouse of the OP of this thread?

    You would want to post the details for your case
  12. That's my husband,he's not hijacking :)
  13. Ah okay. It makes sense :)

    TRV approvals are quite rare in these circumstances. What adds to the difficulty and challenges in you getting a TRV approval is a Canadian spouse + you don't have any ties to your home country/country of residence, etc.

    It would have somewhat easier if your husband lived in another country and you intended to visit Canada for a short holiday with him. That's not the case here.

    IMO, you should not apply for a TRV at this point in time. It would only cause disappointment and avoidable stress. Your husband must apply for sponsorship via the outland route. You can attempt a TRV at some point after your file is transferred to your local visa office
  14. I understand better now,thank you.It did cause disappointement after reading the replies from you but we have hope for the future.
    Did you mean an inland application ? The processing time it takes from my country of residence is 18 months compared to 12 for inland applications.
  15. You cannot apply as an inland application. You live outside Canada = Outland process

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